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Minecraft- 5 Building Tips

(I did not build the structure in the background of the image! It came from the website
I love everything in Minecraft! But today we will be focusing on building. Construction has always been one of my favorite things to do in Minecraft, and I use core concepts to help me build things. So here are five building tips to help you out.

1.   As you already know, Minecraft is made of cubes. So how do you create something that looks round? A basic design is shown below. You can add more length and diagonals to change the size of your circle.

2. Want to make hidden light sources? Break some of the floor and place glowstone, then place a carpet on top. The light will still pass through! You can make the entire room covered with wool or carpet, or use a carpet color that almost blends in.

3. Building something mega-huge may be a hard task to do alone. If you cooperate with other people, you can work at a quicker rate, and get things done faster!

4. Detail can be hard. Building something that looks exactly what you are going for is nearly impossible. The standard Minecraft textures are good enough. If something looks about right, keep it. Trust your instincts!
(Note: I did not build the pixel-art below!)

5. Take advantage or your environment, and use it as inspiration. For example, if you decide to build a small cottage in the woods, use materials such as cobblestone, wood, etc. If there is a small water source nearby, make a bridge. You can make different things for each biome. In a desert, you can try making a pyramid or something Egyptian . In a Jungle, a treehouse or a parkour on top of the trees.
In a snowy biome, something holiday themed. In a forest, a wooden cottage or shack. Have fun with this tip! It works on normal worlds better than on flat ones.

(Credit to build goes to Romse One of Planet Minecraft.)

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