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First Day of School-5th Grade 2015

Yesterday was my first day of 5th grade. I had Mrs. F as my homeroom teacher. Since I am in elementary school, 5th grade students are the oldest kids in the school. I couldn't believe it.  I was one of the oldest kids in the school!

The thing that I was most looking forward too was the air-conditioning. The school can only afford the AC for the 5th grade wing, and everyone else wishes that they can have it too, and they end up burning to death. But it isn't all it is cracked up to be. It is SUPER FREEZING COLD and every square inch of your body is covered with goosebumps from it. I was shuddering until we had special, lunch, and recess, which are all thankfully, outside the 5th grade wing. Mrs. Fiorello said that we shouldn't complain about the cold to the other grades, because they get really hot, and wish they were us. 

Today was a normal day, and nothing that interesting happened. I have a Minecraft Creeper backpack that I got from Here is what it looks like:
That is about it.
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