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An Alien Mess | Story

This story is one that I wrote this year, for a school project. It is one of the most favorite stories that I have ever written, so I thought that I would take the time to share it with you. It's about a janitor who works at Area 51. Area 51, in case you don't know, is a military base in Nevada, USA, in which the government tests air force weapons. However, it has long been associated with aliens and UFOs by not only hard-core conspiracy theorists, but also just by Hollywood movies and pop culture. This boy, in his most desperate days, signs up for the job, having no idea what he is in for. Let's just say, he will have to do a lot more than just cleaning up an alien mess. The conclusion is out of this world. I also included two illustrations for the story. Without further ado, enjoy!


Terry walked into the room, fists clenched, staring at the ground. A police officer was escorting him in front of Dr. Sane’s desk, where he hesitated at first, but a few moments later, shrugged and finally sat down in the chair. Dr. Sane examined him. He looked particularly young, but not too much: possibly a college kid. He was wearing an old, dirty shirt with a picture of a UFO on it. His green eyes constantly darted around the room, and his head was hunched down so that most of what she was of him was his messy brown hair. He was tapping his finger on the desk in front of him to the theme of what seemed to be the Star Wars theme song, as beads of sweat started to trickle down his forehead. Dr. Sane could clearly tell that this wasn’t the place he’d rather be right now, and could almost feel his uncomfortable vibes in the air around them. 

The police officer leaned over next to Dr. Sane, and whispered, “This one’s a real nutjob. Good luck.” Then he shuffled out of the room.

He thinks I’m not ready, Dr. Sane said to herself. But I know the very definition of “insane”. I’ve had to deal with five people already today. Let’s hope that he isn’t as bad as the guy who believed he was a helicopter. Or the guy who was romantically attracted to yogurt. I guess I know the drill… 

After some moments of awkward silence, Dr. Sane finally broke it by saying what she always said at the beginning of an appointment, “Hello, there. I am Dr. Sane, and I mean no harm. Tell me a little bit about yourself.” 

That’s when the boy’s messy hair finally faced towards the ceiling and his green eyes faced hers, and he said, “I’m Terry Strial. But you can just call me Terry. And that’s basically all there is about myself. I don’t know why I’m here or who you are, and I shouldn’t be here either. I have no time to spare!”

“What do you mean?” Dr. Sane said, “Can you elaborate a bit on why you don’t have time to spare? Do you have a family? And do you recall anything about ‘conspiratorial ramblings’?” She started taking notes on a small, brown clipboard she had on her desk. 

“Well,” Terry began to talk, “Let me start my family: I have a little brother named Kyle, who is 14 years old. My dad, Tanner, works for the FBI. I have a pet dog named Chewie. That’s basically all you need to know.” 

Dr. Sane knew what to ask next, but she didn’t quite know how to say it without angering or upsetting Kyle, so she put it at simply and non-offensive as possible, “You mentioned you pet, your brother and your father. Then, um, what exactly happened to your mother?”

Now, Terry started sweating even more, and his expression changed from awkwardness to bitter resenting. “She’s dead,” he replied, “or at least that’s what everyone else thinks. I know what really happened to her, but no one believes me.” 

“And what may that be?” Dr. Sane said, unintentionally frightening Terry a little bit with her tone and body language. Dr. Abigail N. Sane was a tall, muscular woman with black, straight hair. She had a pointed nose that any army-person could have easily considered a weapon, and large wrinkles around her cheeks and mouth that created a striking, almost intimidating appearance. She always wore beige dresses, almost nothing else, and if you ask her coworkers if she has ever weared anything else, they would probably not be able to respond. Her large, red glasses magnified her deep hazel eyes, and all of this helped during interrogation of suspected mental criminals. After all, she needed to be as intimidating as possible in order to get the truth to slip out of them as soon as possible. 

“Do you promise to never tell anyone else this?” Terry asked, glaring at her as if not fully trusting her.
“Yes, sure, of course I won’t,” she lied, hiding her clipboard behind her back.

“All right then,” Kyle muttered, standing up, “Then I guess I’ll have to take away this.” Then he dashed behind her desk, quicker than she could mutter a single syllable of protest, and snatched the clipboard out of her hands. Before Dr. Sane could respond with outrage, he explained himself.
“Just to make sure none of this gets recorded,” he said. “You can never be safe. My dad says that the FBI watches all of our moves anyways, and I all know that they are probably sending it to the Etanimulli.” 

“The Etan-a-what-now? What do you mean?” the psychologist asked, confused.

“Oh, you know,” Terry responded casually. “It’s that secret society that controls our every move, and ensures that free will is a lie. By the way, did you know that reality is all just a simulation?.” Then he grabbed some scissors off of her desk, and walked along the room, scraping the walls with it. 
Oh boy, this can’t be good, Dr. Sane thought to herself. This guy’s the complete definition of ‘paranoid’. What’s he gonna do next? Tape some tinfoil to his head so that the aliens don’t read his thoughts?  

Then, he finally came across the security camera on the wall, and very expertly, almost as if he had rehearsed this before, stabbed the lens of it several times until he made a complete shatter in the lens, rendering the camera completely unusable.

“Hey! You need to stop before I tell the police to take you away to mental prison forever!” she said. “The reason you’re here is for your own good, you don’t get it! We’re giving you a chance to explain yourself, to clear all suspicion. After all, you have a clear record, kid. You have been acting perfectly normal until now. What happened?”
Then, Terry suddenly stopped, staring at her somberly, tears slightly forming in his eyes. 
“All right,” he said. “I’ll let you know. But I swear on my life that I’m innocent, and perfectly normal. Just let me tell you my story, and you’ll see what I mean”
Terry was beginning to slowly calm down. Then, Terry finally sat down and began his story.
“It all started about a year ago, the last time I would ever step foot in Nevada University ever again…”

“You see, it was the day I was dropping out of college. The only reason I was every in there in the first place was because my dad wanted me to become a scientist and blah, blah, blah. I mean, I can’t blame him for thinking that. After all, it was the only subject I was ever good at. I had trouble focusing in school for every other subject, and would get distracted in everything, except for science. And I don’t mean any type of science (life science is gross), I mean astronomy. You see, I grew up watching Star Wars and reading sci-fi, so anything to awaken the nerd inside me was something enjoyable. So when it was time to choose what I wanted to do in college, I chose to get a degree in cosmology. Once again, the same problem arose: I was failing at every single subject, except for science. So I was forced to drop out early. On this fateful day, I walked passed a billboard that would change my life as I knew it.” 

“The sign was on the campuses job posting list, meant for graduating students who wanted to look for early job opportunities. But I, of course, was leaving early and desperately needed something to make a living off of. I saw many posters, some more desirable than others. Barber? No thanks. Bus driver? That’s just boring. Hamster breeder? Yeah, I’d rather not. Then, I came across something that catched my eye. It was a relatively small, yellow-ish piece of paper. While the thing itself looked boring, what it said on it was not. Written on it, in capital red letters, was ‘NOW HIRING AT AREA 51.’ The rest of what it said, however, was written very small, almost as if whoever made it purposefully didn’t want the average person to care about reading it.”

 “It read,  “Government approved citizens only! Contact 1-800-333-15436 for more information.”
“Of course I was insanely interested in that sign. Any well-cultured geek knows very well that seeing the number 51 next to the word ‘area’ means one thing: aliens. Area 51, in case you didn’t know, is the most secretive government testing facility in the nation. Around the place is a two mile border covered with fences and armed military vehicles. Driving anywhere else near that is illegal. A place like that needs all the secrecy it can get. The place happens to be only a fifteen-minute drive away from where I live. Weird stuff happens near there all the time. Strange blue flashes in the sky at night, UFO sightings that happen as often as the sky is blue, and even specific times that the government warns all nearby residents to stay indoors. This made me as a kid even more fascinated with not only space and aliens, but the place itself. I couldn’t possibly pass up a chance to see what sorts of things go on inside that place in person. What about the thing about ‘government approved citizens’, you may ask? My dad works for the FBI, remember? I was certain he would give me, his son, the permit I needed. But that wasn’t the only reason I was desperate to see the place. The reason has something to do with my mom.”

“You see, when I was 16-years-old, I witnessed something that may sound crazy at first, but I swear that it actually happened. Just keep an open mind, and listen, okay? I was just about to go to bed after a long night of studying. I had studied so much that my brain hurt. I wasn’t feeling so well, and wanted to sleep right away. Before I could, though, when I swear that I saw a blue flash outside my window. It didn’t surprise me at all, since in Edwards, Nevada, that happens so often that someone that had lived there for their whole lives eventually learned not to blink an eye whenever it happened. But this time, it was accompanied by another sound: my mom screaming. I dropped all my books I was holding, and immediately rushed over to the window sill, face pressed against it as I stared in a mixture of shock and terror. My mom, who had gone outside to take out the trash, was standing in the middle of a blue, blindingly bright beacon of light. I recall seeing her trying to run out of the light, but she appeared to be being pushed back by some sort of invisible force. I knew that something needed to be done, so without even putting on my shoes, I rushed outside, dashing barefooted on the pavement towards her. I grabbed her by the hand, as she started hovering, arms extended, a few inches above the ground. I tried running away with her, but she wouldn’t budge an inch. I yelled at her, but she didn’t seem to be able to respond.” 

“Eventually, she hovered up to a point where she suddenly jerked into a position where her back was parallel to the ground below, almost as if lying flat on some invisible bed. I gazed in horror as the pupils of my own mother started turning slightly green, until all that was visible in her eye sockets was bright-green colored. She just stood there, with her mouth hung wide open, and I grabbed onto her in desperation as we started floating higher and higher into the sky. As my home below me shrunk farther into the distance below me, I tried shouting for help, but it was too late. Nobody below could have heard me anyways. I looked up, and saw a large, metallic disk, with a circular opening in it. I realized that she was being abducted by some strange floating object, with no way to escape. I hesitated, not knowing what to do next. Should I with her together, clutching onto my mom, into whatever lied above? Or should I let go of her, plunging myself back to the ground? I panicked, and in a moment of pure instinct, felt my hands grasping her torso, as I felt myself start a long plunge back towards the ground. This was surely my end. There was no way that I could possibly survive a fall from such a height. I should have chosen to keep grabbing my mom, since dying alone is much worse than dying together. The moment I finally felt my impact on the ground, something unexpected happened. Instead of pain, I felt a huge, round bouncy object, and saw the sky above me getting closer for a brief moment, before I finally bounced back down.” 

“I rolled over, still in shock, and realized that I was lucky enough to have fallen back down onto my backyard’s trampoline, which had saved me from the impact. Then, staring at the sky, I saw my mom finally being swallowed by the hole on the bottom of the UFO, then the spaceship took off in a flash of blue light. I would never see my mom for a long time after that moment. My teenager self was feeling so many emotions at once: anger, confusement, fear, misery, shock, and wondering if this was all just a dream. I started sobbing loudly, and then my dad, who had heard me from inside, ran into the backyard.”

“‘What’s wrong, Terry? Did you get hurt? Where’s mom? What happened?’ he started to ask, grabbing me into his arms. After such emotional trauma, I had no idea how to possibly respond.”
“”She, um, went away, and I fell… and she was gone! I got on the trampoline, she was in the sky…’ I stuttered some incoherent jumble of words, trying to explain myself. When I saw his confused face, I decided to sum it all up in one word, by shouting as loudly as I could, ‘ALIENS!!!’” 

“After I said that, he stared at me the same way that a doctor examines a sick patient, and I knew that he must have thought I had gone crazy or something like that. So he just said, tears in his eyes, ‘It’s okay. It’s all okay. I think you need some rest. Calm down. Mom can bake you some cookies if you want.’

“As soon as I heard the word ‘mom’, I sobbed even louder. They say that the human brain has a certain limit for trauma and sadness. Once it reaches a certain point of pressure all at once, it just shuts off entirely. That’s exactly what happened to mine that terrible night. I don’t remember what happened next, but my dad says that I just fell asleep right there, in his arms. Nothing after that was ever the same again.” 

“I can’t believe I told you this,” he said to Dr. Sane, crying, “The only other person I’ve told it to was my dad, who didn’t believe me. I knew that no one ever would. I tried to forget it, but I could never get it away from my memory. It was like a permanent clothing stain that, no matter how many times you wash it, will never truly fade away. My dad looked everywhere for my mom, and called her many times, but of course, she never responded. We called the police to file a missing person report, and after a three-year long search in over fifteen states, not a single trace of my mom was found. Under the law, she was assumed dead, and so my dad was officially labeled as a widow on his government ID card. My dad was very concerned about my mental health in the days following my mom’s abduction, that we got a doctor’s note so I could skip school for two months. He sent me to several psychologists, but I lied to every single one of them. They couldn’t get me to calm down, no matter what. I started failing all my subjects due to my misery and lack of will to study or do any work, so I got held back a full school year.”

“Other than sadness, the thought that I felt the most after that was anger. What sort of evil creatures were in that spaceship that took away my mom? Why would they want to take away an innocent person from their home and family forever? And, most importantly: Was my mom still out there, somewhere on a distant planet, being kept as a slave? Or was she already dead, after being tortured and having experiments done on her by aliens? Why were my parents foolish enough to decide to live in such a freakish town, right next to a UFO warehouse where aliens are kept in freezers, and where the president negotiates with aliens?”

“Right away, my grades in school started tanking faster than a sinking ship full of anvils in the middle of a lake. I couldn’t focus on anything else anymore than where my mom could possibly be. I soon resorted to online paranormal conspiracy forums, the only place where I felt any comfort. In my mind, the only explanation for what happened was that the CIA abducted her to mind control her. Some call me paranoid, but I tell them that’s it’s all the truth. I had nightmares of flying metal objects, strange creatures appearing on the streets in the middle of the night, and floating up into the sky without ever being able to go back down. At the time, I thought that some of these eerie dreams could possibly be real, and this scared me to the point where I would purposefully pretend to be sick so my dad wouldn't’ make me go to school. I had a fear of stepping outside anywhere other than my own house, fearing that I would meet the same tragic fate as my poor mom.”  

“It was no surprise that my grades were so bad in college that I needed to drop out. My dad was willing to do anything to keep me happy at that point, so he let me have the job permit I needed to go to Area 51. But my job interview didn’t exactly go that smoothly, and I ended up getting the worst job possible: The janitor! Why did it have to be me who had to clean up after alien poo? I decided that it was better than nothing, as it let me have a peek inside the place that I simultaneously was fascinated by and despised. It was all going quite duller than I expected until one day, I heard the voice of my mom coming from the Top Secret room that my boss told me not to go inside of. Could it be? Did the government capture the UFO that she was in, and rescue her from the inside? I hesitated at first, not sure what I should do next. Should I go inside and make sure who it was? Or was this all just a trap to lure me in? After what felt like forever, I finally decided to burst inside the room, pulling open the door with a loud clang, calling out, “Mom? Is that you?””

“I saw two men in black suits standing over what appeared to be the wreckage of a shiny spaceship, with greenish-looking silhouettes lying motionless inside of it. Right next to it was none other than my mother, who was standing next to it. However, there was something simply off about her manner. She was standing up with a bad posture, one shoulder hunched far in front of the other. She kept tapping her feet randomly around the ground in a strange way. Her jaw remained dropped, and her mouth was wide open.  Her eyebrows remained mostly expressionless, at a normal angle above her eyes. The most surprising thing about her, though, was her eyes. I could see no trace of her pupils, and all that was visible was a vibrant green hue that filled up both her eyeballs. Oh no! That was exactly how I recalled her getting abducted, and though it was over a decade ago, I recalled it quite vividly: Her floating up into the sky, mouth wide open, eyeballs turned green, completely expressionless.”

“She was mumbling some random, incomprehensible gibberish as the two government agents just stared at her in confusion. The only thing that remained the same about her was her voice: Her beautiful, calm voice. His dad had often talked about how she had used to be an active singer. Before T Terry was born, she enjoyed singing and even competed in singing competitions. Soon after they got married and had him, though, her hobby came to an end. She was simply too busy tending for me and our busy lifestyle that she stopped practicing. Her voice still had a great quality to it, however, and it was recognizable even amongst large crowds of people. Her voice had been enough to let me know that it was her inside this room. Everything else about her was different: Her blonde hair was messy and tangled, her clothes (the same exact thing as what she had been wearing the day she got abducted” looked dirty and stained, and the ten years she had been separated from me had really caused her to age dramatically, the wrinkled on her face rendering her almost unrecognizable.
“It wasn’t until I approached my mom that the agents noticed me in the room. ‘Hey, kid!’ One of them explained, “What are you doing here?’”

“‘I’m the janitor,’ I replied, rolling my eyes.”

“‘Really? Aren’t you not allowed in this room? And where are your parents?’, the tall, burlier one asked.”  

“‘My dad is at home,” I replied. “And as for my mom… well…’ I paused my speaking, and simply pointed my finger at her, standing besides the agents.”

“‘Oh,” the shorter, fatter agent muttered in understanding. ‘Well then, go ahead. I’ll let you know, though, that we haven’t had much luck getting her to reply to anything. It appears that the extraterrestrials have hypnotized her into an unaware state.’”

“Nodding my head apprehensively, I approached her, holding her hands and looking up at her face.”
“‘Ummm, mom?’’, I asked tearfully. She didn’t respond. I just stared at her in sadness and disappointment, unbelieving that I had got so close to getting her back, but probably hadn’t done so at all. I was just about to admit defeat when I remembered something. The one thing that would get her to wake up again. The thing that she loved the most (or second most, right behind her son). What she would die for. Her biggest passion, and best gift to our family…” 

“I put my hand into my pocket, and reached out a chocolate chip cookie. I was going to have it for snack during my break in shift during janitor duty, but I never got around to it. ‘Thank God that I didn’t eat this cookie,’ I thought to myself.  If I did, I would never be able to avenge my mom. Taking a deep breath and praying that this would work, I held it up to her nose, and heard a sniffing noise coming from her nose.”

“She muttered some more nonsense, but over time these nonsensical words finally sounded like real English. Her pupils faded from green back to their normal, white color, so I could finally see her blue eyes. Her body jerked back into a normal position, and her jaw closed. Then she said her first words that she had said in over 10 years.” 

“‘Terry? It can’t be!’ she exclaimed. ‘I miss you so much. Let’s just get out of here fast.’”

“‘Hey!’ One of the agents explained. ‘Don’t leave carrying confidential info!’”

“I completely ignored them though, since I probably never had been so so happy and excited in my life. We both rushed home (I quit my shift early) back to dad, who was surprised but overwhelmingly happy to see her again. We explained to her the events that had happened since then, and how everybody had thought that she was dead. My dad finally knew that my crazy-sounding story was right all along! But when our neighbors overheard their conversations, they were the opposite of happy. They were suspicious at all our talk of ‘aliens’ and ‘UFOs’, and so they did what every citizen in Edwards, Nevada is required to do in a situation like that: report it to the authorities. So, later that day, I was dragged out by a police officer who brought me to this mental psychologists office to confirm whether I was insane or not, and here I am. So, do you at least believe me?”

Dr. Sane stared at him, slowly processing his long, outlandish story. Finally she replied, frowning in disgust, before saying rudely, the way a teacher scolds a kindergartener for coloring outside the lines, “No. No, it could never be. Aliens do not exist, silly child. You have watched too much science fiction and have too much of an imagination.You must have forced yourself into believing this story to hide the fact that you mother had actually died. It’s the second stage of grief. You have all the signs of PTSD, kid, and it shows. Your job (which was a horrible choice, by the way) exposed you to all those chemicals, which must have screwed with your brain and thoughts. I guess it’s off to the therapist with you. Officer! This young man is---” She never got to finish her sentence, because the next thing she knew, the door was slammed open by those same two government agents that Terry had talked about.

“You know too much!” the muscular one exclaimed. “You, young man, were spewing Top Secret U.S. government information to this woman, and for that, both of you must unsee what you have seen!” He was clutching a small, metallic gun-shaped object with a light bulb attached to it. From all of Terry’s time reading sci-fi, he knew that this must have been one thing: A memory erasing device. Before he could get striked by the thought-corrupting beam, he used his lightning-fast reflexes (the same ones he had used to grab Dr. Sane’s clipboard and destroy her camera) to dash behind the agents, snatch the device out of their hands, and run behind them. The next few seconds passed by in what seemed like slow motion. The government agents exclaiming “Nooo!” as he slowly pressed down the trigger on them and Dr. Sane… A blindingly bright light coming out of the device…  The three adults being pushed back by the strength of the ray… Terry keeping his eyes shut safely… He waited for a few seconds before he figured it was finally safe to look the other way and open his eyes. Terry, breathing heavily, stared out at the wreckage of what he had caused. 
The government agents were lying on the floor rubbing their heads in confusion. Dr. Sane was staring at Terry as if she had never met him before. The skinny agent finally said, “Wait… What happened? Why am I here?” The others muttered similar questions of confusion and protest. 
“Oh, nothing really,” Terry lied, smirking and trying to contain his internal laughter. “You came here for a birthday party, but when you were about to hit a piƄata, you all hit your head's at the same time, and then you passed out. The party’s over, so you two guys can leave. She can stay here, though.”
The agents shrugged and walked out, cluelessly. He tried not to pity them when he overheard one of them asking in the distance, “Wait, why are we wearing this suit? And what’s with the badge?” 
 Then, Dr. Sane (who Terry had now hated more than the aliens who kidnapped his mom), finally spoke. 

“Wait a minute,” she mumbled, “A party? Huh, I guess I got hit so hard that I don’t remember. At least I remember what I’m doing here (unlike those other guys). As my job as an interrogation psychologist, I am supposed to figure out whether you are sane or not. Since I clearly don’t remember my interview, I guess I’ll have to ask you: What do you think?”

Terry, trying not to smile, said firmly, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I am mentally stable. I think so, at least.”

“All right then,” she replied (while Terry couldn’t believe how stupid the ray had made her become), “Officer! This young man is innocent!”

“All right, ma’am,” he replied without much interest, and stood aside, freely letting Terry walk outside the door.

"Terry" set aside the figure of his "mom", and then hid behind a bathroom stall. There, he started scratching his face in an unusual manner. His pupils turned green, and his skin started to slowly shed off, revealing a dark blue and scaly body underneath. As the creature set aside the shredded decoy of a body, it put both of its six-toed feet into the toilet bowl. Long claw-like hands on the flushing handle, it was about to push it but then stopped to look at what else was in the bowl. Inside was a newspaper with the headline, "Alien sighted in Nevada??" Upon seeing it, the creature chuckled (or at least its species equivalent of a noise response to amusement), and then said in its own language, "FOOLISH HUMANS. WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN TO STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT DOESN'T AFFECT THEM, AND WORRY ABOUT THEIR OWN PLANET'S PROBLEMS? WHILE THEY LOOK FOR THE UNFAMILIAR, THEY FORGET ABOUT THE FAMILIAR, AND SLOWLY THEIR PLANET TURNS TO DECAY. OH WELL, I GUESS I BETTER GET GOING."

The next sound that could be heard was a loud flush. Slowly. his entire body was suckedinto a blue vortex, transporting himself onto his spaceship instantly. That would be the last time that aliens would ever step foot on Earth. 


A quick note about the story: The original story didn't include those last two paragraphs. I added it in as an alternative ending. I decided to include that in this post not only for the shock factor, but alos because it was a lot less boring than sinmply ending it the way it was before which was just having him walk about of the room. Did you think it made the story better? I do admit it felt just a little out of place, so yep. 


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