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SCHOOL IS OVER!!! + Blog Upgrade 7.0 (Summer 2017)

Good riddance... I have finally finished 6th grade, and this school year has finally ended. Today was my last day of school, and it was a half-day. I promised you guys in my previous post that my next post would be out today. So, I kept that promise! After several months of upgrade 6.0, I decided to finally upgrade my blog to  7.0! 6.0 was just an excuse to change the logo. This time, I packed 7.0 with A LOT of features to improve my blog's layout! 

List of Features
  • The first thing you must have noticed is that I changed my logo! I made it orange and blue, which I think are kind of summer-ish colors.  
  • I also added a "read more" button that automatically shows up on every post on the home page. If you are reading up to this point, then chances are, you clicked it already. (Unless you got here from a link to this post.) I added this feature so that you wouldn't have to scroll down forever to see more posts below the featured one.
  • I changed the entire template as well! For any other bloggers out there wondering, the name of the template is "Notable". My old template was called "Awesome Inc." in the settings.
  • Now, below the featured post, you see seven more of my most recent posts. It includes the title, an image, and a short snippet of text from that post. To read on, you can click "read more". This way, if you are not interested in reading a certain post, you can see other posts on the home page.
  • At the side of each post, there is a share button that lets you share the link, email the post, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+. 
  • There is a search bar at the top that lets you search for certain posts on my blog by using keywords.
  • There is also a subscription box at the top next to the search box. It lets you enter your email so that you automatically receive notifications whenever I make a new post. 
  • On the top, there are three lines. You can click this to get the toolbar. Here, you can find everything that you would be able to find on the toolbar back in upgrade 6.0. This includes a Google+ like button, my blog archive list, and some random posts.
  • When you click "read more" and once yoou scroll to the button, that is where my list of pular posts will be. This will show the most trending posts in the past week. 
  • Live in another country and don't understand English very well? (Especially my Turkish family members!) When you click those three lines at the top, the toolbar includes a translation button powered by Google Translate. You just click the translate button, select which language you want to translate it, and then you are "okumaya hazir"!
  • I changed the font in lots of places. I don't have time to list all of the font and color changes, since you will already see them for yourself.
  • The comments section form is a lot easier and cleaner-looking. To avoid spam comments, I made it so that only people with Google accounts can comment (not anonymous IDs) and all comments are systematically sent to me and I can choose whether to approve them or not. All comments are automatically sent to me, and before anyone else can see it publicly, I have to approve it. 
  • Since I know a lot of you may be reading this on a mobile device, I changed the settings so that any mobile browser will show the same template, just with things in different places to reduce lag.
  •  (Except for when I am on vacation in Turkey. Then I will only be able to make a vacation photo post once a week.) I will make at least one post a day for the rest of the summer.

Phew, that was a lot to type up. Be sure to view daily to see new posts! Some of my upcoming posts include ABSW Rogue One parody drawings, Minecraft builds, a Nintendo Switch review, and more!

Do you like this new template? Do you hate it? Or do you want me to change something about it? Give me your honest and helpful opinions/suggestions in this poll!: