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Before I begin this post, here is my previous post, which explains all the changes I made to my blog's template recently as a part of Upgrade 7.0:

Because of all the recent madness with this really pointless trend of "The Floor is Lava", I decided  to combine this trend with another one: fidget spinners. I coded a game on Scratch called "The Floor is Fidget Spinners". Click the green flag to play!
You can play the HTML version below

Once you lose, click the green flag again to start over.

NOTE: The game will not work on mobile devices. If you are on a computer browser and it isn't working, then go here:

Use the arrow keys to throw fidget spinners on the floor! Every fidget spinner gives you  a point. You are timed for 20 seconds. Try to get as many points as possible within the time you are given! Click the green flag to play again.

UPDATE: I've fixed a bug where you couldn't move the fidget spinner around sometimes. Whenever this happens, simply just click inside the box where the game is. It shouldn't happen as long as you don't click anywhere else while you are playing.

What is your high score? Post in in the comments below! The person with the highest score by Sunday morning has a chance of receiving a shout-out on my post that day! (be honest, I can check the real scores using the Scratch submissions)

Enjoy :)


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