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T I M E .

This post isn't exactly a rant. It is more like me complaining about my views, but in a less angry way.

I have let this blog rot for way too long. My last post was a week ago. That had been my first post in about a month. And meanwhile, by daily views have been just as so reflective of me posting not too frequently. I used to have between 100-300 views per day in the last few months. Recently, I have only been gaining around 20-40 views per day. After my total views reaching its peak of 50 thousand views, it hasn't rised too much above that. I have been stuck near 51 thousand. 

My problem isn't that my posts aren't any good. They are, and when I do actually get a chance to post, they get plenty of views each. Its not that I don't have ideas for posts either. There dozens of post ideas I have in mind, a few of which I am working on at the moment. 

The problem (as you most likely guessed already) is that I just don't have T I M E . Not only do I have a lot of homework due in a short amount of time each day, but I also have a lot of tests to study for. I have after-school sports and activities to go to. I have to practice piano. 

And even if I do get enough time, I can't post. My parents hide the computer from me until they get home. They do so with all electronics. They want to make sure that I finish all my work before doing anything else. 

Plus, unlike most kids my age, my bedtime is pretty early. It is at 8:30. You heard me right! 8:30! I personally wouldn't prefer 3 AM (even though I do know one particular kid who stays up until that time), but one or two hours later I could be fine with.

Some kids just have access to their computers all the time and know exactly where it is and what the password to get into it us. They have plenty of time to do their homework and stay online a lot. others. This isn't me.

So if you are looking at my blog, wondering, "Why has Arca not written anything in forever?", then now you know. 

This all results in one thing: no time to blog.

I plan to do this. But maybe not until June. This month, I may probably be inactive on this blog. Near the end  of June, though, that's when I plan to save my blog from dying! I will make a post every day except while I am on vacation, just like I did for the past two summers. This got me a LOT!!!!; and I mean a lot of views. If I am decent at only posting 2-3 times per month, imagine me posting 30 times per month! I can't wait for me to finally be free of school (temporarily, of course) so I can have TIME again. 

Until then, that is just the future. Maybe this weekend or the next I will do my special post for 50 thousand views. Just maybe. I want to do a review of the Nintendo Switch sometime as well. But that will have to wait.

Enough feeling pity for myself. All you guys need to do is be patient. Posts will come, I promise. Thank you for still supporting me and my blog anyways!