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SNOW DAY!!! February 5, 2016

Above: Me and my little brother Onur in front of the snowman we made.

I woke up this morning surprised that my dad hadn't woke me up yet. Wasn't this the time that I usually went to school? I went to their room to my parents about it. My mom said, "Look outside."
And so I did. 

I saw that it had snowed overnight! It was totally unexpected since no one had told me that it would snow that day. I wondered if  I was dreaming or not. No school! (My parents told met that to clarify).
 This is kind of ironic, considering that on Groundhog Day we found out that there was supposed to be an early spring. To see my post about that, click here.

Above: Me and Onur next to all the snowmen we made. From left to right: Me, Snowman with welcome sign, kid snowman, snowcat, and freakish looking snow baby that Onur is holding.

The snow turned out to be nice and hard, perfect for sculpting. So we (along with our dad) made a snowman and stuck our "Welcome" sign in its hand. We also made a smaller snowman, a snowcat, and a weird baby thing. (I'm not actually sure what it was... Gotta ask my little brother about that).

Overall, it was a very fun snow day, and with some of the best snow that I have ever seen. Of course, we have had more, but this was the best for making things.

Be sure to stay tuned for a post every 1-2 days! BBYYYYYEEEEE!!!