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Gravity Falls: "Weirdmaggedon" (Xpcveaoqfoxso)- FINALLY, TIME IS DEAD AND MEANING HAS NO MEANING! - Watch it tomorrow, October 26, at 8 PM,on Disney XD!

At the end of "Dipper and Mabel vs the Future", viewers were given a treat. 
Bill possessed Blendin Blandin, tricked Mabel out of the Rift, and opened up the gateway between worlds, therefore finally starting the apocalypse!

The episode is technically titled "Xpcveaoqfoxso", and decoded in the Caesar cypher it reads, "Weirdmaggedon". Ford was referring to that name at the beginning of the previous episode. In one of the trailers, a news reporter calls it the "Oddpacolypse". It is a pun of the apocalypse. 

We can tell this episode will be huge, because of how many trailers there are! I counted more than 5 of them.






There is also a mini-series called 'Pacolypse Preppin"
and it features Old Man McGucket.



The new episode will be tomorrow, October 26, at 8 PM on Disney XD!

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