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Google's Live Santa Tracker!!! (2015)

Santa Claus has left the North pole and you can track him! Google has a Santa tracker that uses technology similar to Google maps and directions. You can see how much time and distance is left until he reaches your location, where he is now,  and where he is about to go. It also shows you what he is doing, such as flying, getting presents ready or delivering them.

It has some really catchy music, fun games to play and videos to watch while you wait. Have fun! Remember: You better be nice, you better not cry, you better check my blog daily... Then Santa Claus will give you... Santa Claus will give you... Great gifts!

Happy Holidays from This and That, Here and There!


Interesting Games:
A  jetpack game:

You can decorate Sanata's beard here. Check out my creation:

You can make your own elf bamd and make music! Here is my band: