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Total Views HOUR OF CODE- Star Wars: Building a Galaxy of Code--- My own level!

Hello! This is Arca. Today is the release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
To celebrate I will be sharing this awesome course on for all to enjoy! is a website that aims to teach people basic skills of computer science. It started the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code aims to teach kids how to teach kids to program and use code to solve puzzles, play games, and even create them!

We are doing the Hour of Code at my school. It is a very big event, and it has even broke a World Record!

The website has courses on Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Frozen (<--- boring), Minecraft, and... STAR WARS!!!  It uses graphics from Disney Infinity. Here is the free online Star Wars course:

I suggest using the drag-and-drop "Blocks" option, but if you like spending hours  coding only one level by typing, Javascript is fine. 

Try completing the levels yourself. Trust me, they are really fun!

Here are the videos they have:

Once you complete it, you get to code your own level and share it with others!
Here is the level I made;

Whenever you get a stormtrooper or a pilot, you get points, and teleport like crazy. You also change back and forth with droids. Enjoy!