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Total Views Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code- Episode 3: The Mission on Hoth

I have used to create an awesome Star Wars level that I think is the best, yet  most difficult one I have made so far. Here it is:

In it you can control, R2-D2 with your arrow keys and command him to move around the snowy fields of the ice planet Hoth. You need to get him to all of the rebel pilots so he can deliver an important message. Just watch out for the probe droids! If you run into them, you lose. Once you have got to a rebel pilot, another probe droid will appear, so be careful to avoid them. They will chase you around. If you get a tataun, you will temporarily go a bit faster. Try to deliver the message to all of the pilots and still avoid the probe droids! Good luck! :)

I hope you enjoyed playing this level I made and stay tuned for more posts. May the Force be with you... BBYYYEEEEE!!!