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New Angry Birds Stella Game: Stella POP Out Now!

After the first Angry Birds Stella game came out, it was announced that it would be a series of games, just like the original Angry Birds Saga. When I say that, you are probably picturing Stella Rio, Stella seasons, or even Stella Space. No, the next Stella game is not any of those. It is Angry Birds Stella POP.

Stella's power is the Pink Flash power. Do you remember her old power? The one with her bubble wand? In this game, you will find out what happened to it.

You know one of those games where you have to match flying objects that stick together? Stella POP is one of them. In this fun, addicting puzzle game, you can pop bubbles AND pigs. This is the first Angry Birds game that is only played vertically on a screen.

Use the slingshot to launch colorful bubbles to try and match them in bunches of 3 or more. They can bounce of the wall to go higher. If they are not matched, the bubble will stick to other bubbles. Once they are matched, they all will clear and bubbles near it may fall to give you points. You will have to complete new challenges with every level, from popping all the piggies and bubbles, to freeing critters. Plus, each character has a special power-up that you may use.

Angry Birds Stella POP is now available worldwide on iOS and Android. Download now!

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