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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.10.4- Best. Diamond. Seed. EVER!

(Note: The image above is not what the actual seed looks like.)

Have you desperately been trying to find diamonds in MCPE? And it turns out, the actual
seed is "diamond seed". 

Seed name: diamond seed

World Type: Infinite 

Weird, huh?
Before you go ahead and judge me, try it out yourself. As soon as you spawn into your world, do not move. Look at the sand block directly below you (your spawn point) and start digging straight down. I recommend looking at it in creative mode first. In survival mode, place a block on your spawn point and dig down later without having to dig directly down.

In Minecraft, diamonds are coded to be found near dangerous places. Especially near lava. As soon as you reach a lava cave, carefully look around while placing torches. You may make a bridge to help. You will see that there is a truckload of loot, including tons of redstone, iron, lapis lazuli, and gold. You will even find up to 12 diamonds!

This seed is a MUST for anybody who dreams to be rich in Minecraft PE. The only hard part is avoiding the lava, but there is also a lot of water, so you can take it out.

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