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I Got an Kindle Paperwhite for Eid!

  Two days ago, on Saturday, it was Eid.  Luckily, this year it was on the weekend so I wouldn't have to miss school. My dad ordered a  Kindle Paperwhite (that only has books) from Amazon. He also got  me and Onur a Yellow Kindle Fire HD6 that has games and allows us to create profiles and share it.

Do you want to get a Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon? Click here.

   Do you want to order a Kindle Fire HD6 on Amazon? Then click here.

Anyways, mine needed to come today, but it still hasn't. Definitely
tomorrow. Latest is Wednesday.

But the Fire HD6 is out of stock, We preordered it. It will come 
when it is back in stock. That's like two weeks or so.

        Well, I can't wait for them to come!