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A saga to protest on how unfair the Ask Toolbar on my browser is! It's a Parody of Star Wars...

                                CYBER WARS:

                                             Episode 5: Ask Strikes back!

                                              Chaos has been reigning through all of  the web.
                                       Word has it that Ask wants revenge on  Google Chrome  for

                                             being  a more popular search engine. So they built the  
                             Ask toolbar. One all powerful way to force people to use Ask. Not
                         only that, but it also blocks my "new post" button so it is hard to add stuff to
                     my blog. It blocks all the important buttons and icons and leaves even
              the fiercest Youtubers, like SkyDoesMinecraft and Kittiesmama, begging 
          for mercy. But the FireFox Rebellion has found a way to fight back! They make 
     programs that you can install to uninstall all unfair tool-
 bars. They will keep on fighting back. For Liberty, Justice,
freedom and all that is right!They just won't stop, no matter the risk,they fight...