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Guess what?: Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Telepods news you have got to hear

My Note: When I was searching for images to post on the AB Transformers Proof Article I wrote, I found this awesome picture of 
Yoda bird in a cool background. When I clicked on it, the title I saw was "Angry Birds Star Wars II: 30 million TELEPODS scans and counting!" So I decided to write the article about it using the awesome Yoda bird picture I found. Here it is:

The entire Idea for Angry Birds Star Wars II started when Rovio started thinking about
ideas on ways for players to experience the game in both the physical and digital world.
(And, no, DEFINITELY not virtual reality!) Not only that, many of the game designers must 
have started sketching versions of the birds and pigs from the Star Wars Prequel Films.

Besides, some Toys'R'Us Stores started clearing out the Angry Birds sections to make room for more popular things, such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity. That was just about enough to make the Bomb Bird explode. "Two can play at that game!", is what I bet Rovio thought of that

It was decided, that if there ever was a AB SW 2 (Angry Birds Star wars II), it would need to follow the same tradition of playing as the toy character you chose. It would have to be Telepods.

Ever since then, it has grown so popular that they have even used it in other Angry Birds games such as Stella, Go!, and  Transformers(which will be released very soon).

So the news is, players have so far scanned their figures into the game 30 million times-and counting!
To celebrate this huge success, they released a new episode for AB SW 2. Episode 4:Rise of the Clones.