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Turkey Trip 2016| Week 3- FINAL WEEK: Gurun w/ photos + I AM BACK - IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Above: Most of my dad's side of the family in a picture with us next to a lake. Top layer, from left to right: Aunt Ayse (She is behind my cousin Selim), cousin Yigit, my dad, my mom, cousin Omer Faruk, Uncle Zafer, Aunt Semra, cousin Seda, Aunt Nermin, and Uncle Soner. Bottom row, left to right: Me, Grandpa Haci, Grandma Sevim (she is behind Onur), and cousin Ahmet Emre.

Hello, guys! This is Arca. I came back from Turkey one week ago, and I still haven't posted about my final week in Gurun. In today's post, I will be showing you the photos we took there. We stayed with most of my dad's side of the family, except for my cousin Fatih and Mehmet, who were unfortunately unable to attend.

Above: Only a few of the many caves we saw there.

The caves were all man-made, and date back many years. One of my uncles used to explore them as a kid. They were all connected, and one of them was about a mile long. According to him, there was some ancient writing on the walls. Now, you are not allowed to go in them.

Above: Me in front of  a herd of goats in a farm near a village in Gurun.

We visited many farms. We got to see several types of farm animals! (Except for pigs, of course.)

Above: Me and Onur standing next to a Donkey. 'What are you doing in my swamp!' 

Above: A view of a rock peak with the sun behind it. Great for a photo! I may send it to MyShot sometime.

There was a great park there for sight seeing. We saw rocky cliffs, a waterfall, a river, and more!

Above: A view of some of the park's mountains.

Above: Water flowing down rocks into the river.

Above: My main family standing next to a waterfall. We got a huge spray of cold water after that!

Above: Me in a giant hamster ball spinning over a spinning pool.

At this one place next to the lake, you could pay money to go inside a giant inflatable hamster ball over a swimming pool. Me, Onur, and all of my kid cousins did it. We each took turns doing it for about 5 minutes. When they start inflating it with a machine, you have to cover your ears real good or else your ears will hurt because of the pressure. It is kind of hard to control. I made the mistake of standing up while doing it. The result is you falling hard onto your butt! I tried to push myself around the pool a few times before my turn was over. I wish I could put a video of it here!

That was my final week of Turkey. It is always sad to return home, but I know I will go there again every year!

First of all, before I show you an important message, here are the usual recent post links.

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Now, onto the important message.


Important Message:

I have come back from Turkey! But when I came back, I didn't get to post for over a week due to camp. There is 7 days before my school starts. I hope I don't go to camp this week, (I didn't do it today because I had a doctor appointment) so I can make as many posts as possible! I wont do just a post a day. I will try to do as many as possible! I need to finsish up my Angry Birds Star Wars: The Force Awakens fanart as well as do two more Angry Birds Minecraft builds. Don't worry, I will try to finish up as much of it as possible!

I want to try to reach 20,000 views before Thanksgiving, or at least before January. If I do, I have a surprise planned! Help me do this by viewing as many times a day as possible until then, sharing on social media (you may use the hastags #ttht or #tthtblog), and telling others. Thank you for all my support I have been getting so far! 

See you next time! BBYYYEEEE!!!!