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Gravity Falls: "Dipper and Mabel vs the Future" EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE... Watch it October 12, 8 PM, this Columbus Day on Disney XD!

A darkness is approaching Gravity Falls... It is Dipper and Mabel's 13th birthday, and Dipper needs to go on a quest with Ford to save the world. Everything they care about will change! And it will all happen this Monday, on Columbus Day! You can watch  "Dipper and Mabel vs the Future", October 12 at 8 PM on Disney XD.

To learn more, you may also see another post I made on this episode, where I have the first two trailers: 

Here is the latest trailer on Disney XD:

Now, I will talk about the episode itself and show you images from the trailers.

In the first trailer Mabel says something about how the summer is almost over. This hints at how the series is in its last few episodes. Could season 2 be the last one?

Then of course, comes the twins birthday. Alex Hirsch himself stated that the series has a theme about growing up, and in this episode we probably will see that. It is their 13th birthday, so they will officially transition from kids to teenagers.

The kids will return home at the end of the series (confirmed by Alex), but there is a few more episodes to go. In this one, the kids may get ready, and do things such as packing up and saying goodbyes.

Now on to the second plot of the episode.  Secrets will be revealed. Alex said that this episode will go "off the rails" so that means that it must be HUGE! Below is a pic of Mabel running through the same forest in the opening credits. Since this red shade in the forest was also seen in the amazing episode "Not What He Seems", we can infer that this episode will be either as big as or bigger than NWHS.

Since we have seen the cliffs, it will obviously include the long-theorized spaceship. I mean,
look at the shape. It obviously looks like a UFO crashed through it. So Ford and Dipper will have to do something related to that. When Ford takes Dipper to the cliffs, it will probably be related to this.

Below is a picture of Dipper taking a selfie in front of the spaceship. This proves my point.

A few strange things have been seen in the trailers. Could it have to do with the spaceship? An example below is how there appears to be some kind of strange winds. The new mayor, Tyler Cutebiker, is seen on the left with a mayor sash. This is a reference to the episode "The Stanchurian Candidate", when he became the new mayor. This may be a hint that we will see either Bud or Gideon in this episode. Next to Tyler, is the Northwest family. This means that Pacifica might play a role, too. On the right side we have Toby Determined, and he will probably make a news report on the spaceship.

This episode, without a doubt, will be AWESOME!
I can't wait till Monday...

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