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"Shattered" (EXECUTE ORDER 66.)- Episode Review - Star Wars: The Clone Wars S7 E11 (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

UPDATE: This is Arca on 6/8/2020. I noticed a few days ago that the views for this post on my Blogger dashboard had literally reached 66. This post is reviewing an episode that is literally focused on Order 66. That's a perfect coincidence. I attached a screenshot below, as well, as proof:

Now, onto the original contents of this post...

I was not prepared for this. And neither were you. Or anybody else, really.

Execute Order 66.

Omenous, thrilling music. A deep punch in the gut. And goosebumps even in the moments of relative silence as slowly, bit by bit, the entire galaxy went to hell and we saw it through a pair of eyes that hurt the viewer emotionally much more than I expected.

Hello, this is Arca, and today I will be reviewing the second-to-last episode ever of the entirety of The Clone Wars, which is Season 7 Episode 11, titled "Shattered", which released on May 1st , or yesterday (which was a Friday). Whew, that was a long sentence. By the way, image credit for the image at the top goes to Lucasfilm/Disney, obviously. Without further ado, let's get into my brief spoiler-free episode review!

This episode takes place directly after the last, when (spoilers for the previous episode, by the way, not the one I'm reviewing in the post) Ahsoka successfully captures Maul after a brief but breathtaking and all-time-great lightsaber duel and starts her journey via spaceship transport to deliver him to the Jedi Council so that they can investigate who this "Darth Sidious" guy he's talking about is. Hmmm... Now, the Siege of Mandalore has ended, which changed the course of galactic history and forever changed the culture of the Mandalorian people. But that, in this episode, got followed by probably the single most significant event in the entirety of Star Wars ever (if not, definitely top 3 or 5), which was Order 66.

So, it's not a spoiler that Order 66 occurs since this is literally in the official description for the episode below its thumbnail on Disney+, but in case you don't know what that is (in which case you haven't watched the movie Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which this episode directly takes place during the second half of), it's basically this: A purge of every single Jedi (and any other threat to Sidious's dictatorship) in the galaxy, as they were betrayed by their loyal Republic Clonetrooper armies, commanded by Chancellor (now Emperor) Palpatine, AKA Darth Sidious, who had orchestrated this entire war from the very beginning by planting brainwashing mind-chips into the Kamino-produced clones.

Thanks to Order 66, the original trilogy happened. The Empire rose. The Jedi were outlawed nearly extinct. Obi-Wan and Yoda and many other Jedi who survived were forced into hiding. It was what led to, what Obi-Wan describes in the original 1977 film, "the dark times." So yes, this episode takes a look at the exact moments before, during, and after Order 66 is declared to every clonetrooper in the galaxy, including Ahsoka's longtime friend and ally Captain Rex. It shows what happens to Ahsoka Tano and Maul as a result.

This episode, while shorter than the previous ones in this arc, was still spectacular. The music in particular was great at building suspense and giving the viewer chills. There is lots of excitement and heavy-hitting moments throughout. There is even not just one, but two Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film references, one of them being a direct quote and the other being similar to a very memorable scene from that film. This followed the cameo of Solo: A Star Wars Story film villain Dryden Vos (he's a blond guy with scars who gives Han Solo and his pals a tough time in that film) an episode or two ago which already had my geeky fan senses tingling. The way they handle Order 66 is not subtle whatsoever, making even first-time viewers understand exactly what it means and how it happened. There is also a big Revenge of the Sith parallel moment, sort of like Obi-Wan telling Ahsoka that Anakin decapitated Count Dooku an episode or two ago minutes after it happened.

It is very clever at being able to blend the simultaneous events of the movie Revenge of the Sith and letting the viewer know what point in the film they are at, especially with one phenomenal scene that had me geeking out like crazy, and it is unsubtle enough for even those who didn't watch the film to know what jaw-dropping event must have happened at that moment regarding Anakin Skywalker and Sheev Palpatine.

So overall, the episode was something that most of us were completely unprepared for, a true punch-to-the-gut with a cliffhanger-ish ending full of spectacular, never-before-so-good music contributing to its constant tension throughout and awesome story moments and excitement. I, like probably most of those who watched this episode, don't really know what could happen next on the series finale this Monday, May 4, AKA  May the Fourth be With You (Star Wars Day) and absolutely can't wait. This is an episode you can't miss if you even just happen to have Disney+. If you like Star Wars at all, and know who Ahsoka is, then just go watch it. Now. You don't even have to have seen Clone Wars before, it's that good and approachable, and likely one of the best episodes in the series. I'd probably rate it a 97 out of 100, and I can't wait for the finale to blow us all away.

What did you guys think of this, if you saw it? Without spoiling it for others, feel free to comment below. Until then, this is Arca, signing out. May the Force be with you, and stay safe. Arca, out.

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