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Nintendo Direct E3 2019- What to Expect (and not)

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... With the gamers all playing and everyone telling you to ride the hype train... It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's the hype-hypiest season of all. With those leaks and rumors and speculative rambling when E3 comes by... It's the most wonderful time of the year! There'll be predictions to make and leaks to debunk and expectations to set... And tales of those failed E3's long, long ago... It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Oh, wait, are you guys reading this right now? Oh, sorry for my singing. It's just that I tend to get very festive this time of the year. *Ahem*. Where was I? Oh yeah, E3 2019 is finally here! The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, is the annual gaming convention and press conference where gaming studios and developers take the curtains off from some of their biggest game and console projects and announcements for the public! It's no boring selection of keynotes, however; with a rabid crowd of gamers from all around the world in the audience (real or virtual through livestreams), the big players in the gaming industry know that they have to save their absolute best and most exciting news for this moment, and present it in the most flamboyant and memorable way as possible. 

But this E3 will be very different, with several companies either having a smaller-than-usual presence at the show or simply choosing to not show up at all. The most notable example of this would be Sony, creator of the PlayStation consoles, who for their own reasons decided to sit out from the big show this year. Supposedly, this is so that they can rely on their own Direct-like video streams throughout the year at other times. However, many major companies like Nintendo and Microsoft are still showing up, each with their own distinctive set of potentially game-changing announcements to make. Microsoft, by the time I have published this post, will most likely have announced their next-generation Xbox consoles since their presentation happens today (it's in around twenty minutes at the time I'm typing this paragraph). 

But the most exciting one is arguably going to be Nintendo's, mostly due to the crazy amount of momentum and hype that the Switch console has experienced in two years after the notorious failure that was the Wii U. Plus, this E3 is much different from last year's. Unlike in 2018, where going into E3 we had just about zero confirmation of many major non-port games for the system (other than Super Smash Bros., which was their best game of last year), this year we already have a truck-load of brand-new titles confirmed to be coming to the system at some point in 2019. 

Nintendo's E3 Direct will happen on Tuesday, June 11, at 12 PM Eastern Time, or 9 AM Pacific. It will be packed with announcements and news. What will they announce? Well, typical of Nintendo, they have remained quite tight-lipped about their plans for E3. On their official E3 website, they only say that it will feature "upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch system". This was obvious alreasy, as they already made a statement saying that they had no more new first-party games to announce for the Nintendo 3DS console (which is still chugging along, even after more than 7 years), but I wouldn't be surprised if they threw in a few bits of mobile game news as well, since they already have confirmed a few in the making.  

For last year's E3 2018, I made a very long predictions post that was more of an expectation-checker post. Why is this type of thing necessary, you ask? Well, when it comes to things like this, the Internet has no limits. People dream on and on wherever their imaginations can take them. Will Shrek be a playable character in Super Smash Bros? Well, my uncle works at Nintendo, so you can trust me! No, that's not true, obviously. But that's basically the kind of stuff that you expect looking at supposed "leak" posts on 4Chan and Reddit and the such. So, just so that you don't hype yourself into oblivion because of all the crazy, unrealistic speculation going around, I've made this post for you fellow Nintendudes (and Nintengirls) to keep things realistic. That's why I will literally go through just about every single possibility of what could happen, and rank just how plausible I think each one is. That's right; I did a Doctor Strange and looked into the future to see all the possible outcomes. There are 14,365,805. And in how many of them are Nintendo fans not disappointed? Zero. 

Here's a handy-dandy video made by YouTube comedian Eric Shaw that serves as a PSA to not over-hype for E3, aptly titled "Hype Responsibly":

Watched it? If not, I highly recommend it, since as Responsible Bob says, "Hype is the leading cause of sleep deprivation in our country." Anywho, into the expectation-checking!

More Smash DLC Fighters? Sakurai bless!
STATUS: Confirmed by Mr. Sakurai himself.

Image Credit: Nintendo

As soon as they hear the word "Smash", many Nintendo fans may already be screaming in anticipation of all the crazy reveals to come. Even though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already launched last December, the stream of announcements and reveals hasn't ended. Paid downloadable content in the form of additional fighters and stages (five, to be exact), was confirmed to all be launching before February of 2020. We got Joker from Persona 5 announced, and it absolutely blew everyone's minds. So, seeing as they've got 8 months left two reveal four more new fighters, then revealing and/or releasing one on average every two months would be the ideal way to go.

Series director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed in a recent address to fans after the Super Smash Bros. World Invitational 2019 tournament finished recently that more content in the form of fighters was on the way, and that fans could expect to hear more about it at E3. So there's no doubt whatsoever that at least one more new DLC fighter will be revealed and shown off at the E3 Direct tomorrow.  

My predictions are as follows: In order to give E3 the maximum amount of hype to start out with, it will open with the reveal trailer for the next character. This way, at least a small segment of the direct will be dedicated to Smash Bros., unlike last year which was the majority of the Direct and at the very end. By revealing a new fighter, providing a release date and a moveset showcase, they can get Smash immediately out of the way within the first 5 minutes or so of the Direct without leaving non-Smash fans bored and waiting for other non-Smash announcements. Who will the fighter be? There are many possibilities. But I fully expect it to be another third party character. I think that in the lieu of all these rumors and speculations about a former Nintendo mainstake character finally joining the fight in Ultimate., I predict it will be another dynamic bird and dog duo, Banjo and Kazooie. 

They will have a unique and fun moveset and give the game some Microsoft representation. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has repeatedly expressed support for this on Twitter, so it makes a lot of sense. Another possibility is Minecraft Steve, whom I'm personally more connected to since it defined the gaming generation of my childhood, but I don't think that Sakurai saw him as having as much moveset potential and pure fun as Banjo and Kazooie would have. They might also want to make the "one last thing" at the end of the Smash segment a vague teaser for the next fighter, which I really badly want to be Cuphead due to its recent Switch port and its awesome platforming moveset and art style. Would it be one Microsoft rep too many? Perhaps. But more Playstation reps still could come in the form of Crash Bandicoot, but I'm going to stay as minimal as possible and say that I only think that Banjo and Kazooie will be revealed. It's better to predict as little as possible when it comes to these things. It's better to have not predicted a few things than to predict a billion things that never happen. 

Alright, a Microsoft rep is all but confirmed. According to a Destructoid article:, Microsoft's own Xbox E3 schedule tells people that they should watch Nintendo's Direct on Tuesday. Huh, I wonder why they would care to let people watch their competition. Do they have some sort of collaboration in the works? Hold on to that diamond sword, Steve, because I think your time has come to brawl!

Animal Crossing!!! :)
STATUS: Very likely. 

Image credit: Nintendo

Ever since its announcement last year, the news that a new Animal Crossing game is coming to the Switch in 2019 has made fans everywhere rejoice. Now personally, I have never played the series yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. A game where you play as animals living in a town and you can get crippling debt? Sounds like a classic, wacky, fun Nintendo idea to me, and I'm definitely going to consider picking this game up when it launches for the Switch, hopefully this year. This E3 I expect Animal Crossing to be a big focus of the show. There is no reason for it not to. While there are other big games coming out this year (Pokemon, notably), none is as defining for Nintendo and would make as good of a show-floor decoration theme as Animal Crossing. This Direct, if they wish to launch it I assume before the holiday season, expect a confirmation of the title, main features, and the release date at least. While we know literally nothing about it yet, expect that to change. A lot of rumors point to it being about city life for some reason, but take that with a pinch of salt. I wouldn't expect anything radically different from past Animal Crossing games (no Animal Crossing: Breath of the Wild), but seeing as its Nintendo I'm sure they'll find ways to surprise us with it. 

Luigi's Mansion 3
STATUS: Very likely

Image Credit: Nintendo

This one is also very obvious. It was confirmed to be launching for the Switch this year. I predict it will happen in October, just in time for Halloween, or earliest August. My point is, the closer this "spooky" game about ghosts and mansions and vacuum cleaners is to Halloween, the better. At E3 this year we will probably learn more about gameplay, release date, and the such. Hey, maybe even a new line of Amiibo, if Nintendo still cares about that stuff anymore. 

Super Mario Maker 2, BAY-BEEEEEE!!!!
STATUS: Very likely

Image Credit: Nintendo

You may be skeptical of this since we already had a short Direct focused on it a week or so ago. But I can guarantee that they will give Super Mario Maker 2 some sort of presence at the show. The reason that they made the Pokemon Direct and the Mario Maker one were so that they could get announcements for those games out of the way before E3, to make their presentation shorter, and focus on other stuff coming later this year. But seeing as this game literally launches a week or so after E3 (and I'm super excited for it), they will definitely at least mention it. Previous announcements about games has never stopped Nintendo from regurgitating it in front of the masses at E3 (last year's Pokemon Let's Go, anybody?). So they might introduce a handful of new features, give us one last surprise trailer or maybe an amiibo, and then send it out for launch day. 

Pokemon Sword/Shield
STATUS: Very likely

Image Credit: Nintendo

Why on earth would one of Nintendo's biggest game franchises (and the #1 intellectual property on the planet, by the way) not get shown at the biggest gaming public event of the year? This year's upcoming mainline Pokemon titles for the Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield, will get an appearance at E3, most likely. We can find out maybe what the third legendary is, or some other welcome surprise. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
STATUS: Very likely

Image Credit: Nintendo 

Again, this is another confirmed release and another no-brainer. This might be more necessary than some other games since it's release date is this summer and we don't know everything about it yet. I wouldn't be surprised to see one final trailer for this. 

Metroid Prime 4

Image Credit: Nintendo

I mean, the game's entire development was literally started from scratch recently, what did you expect? While I don't expect to see it for another few years, they could repeat the mistake they made at E3 2017 and hype us up with little to no information, by showing us yet another title or logo or piece of concept art or the like. In other words, it's only filler but it will get people excited. 

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
STATUS: Very likely.

Image Credit: Nintendo 

This game was confirmed to be on their show floor as a playable demo, so this will most likely get some more information shown off as well. For example, is it a full 1:1 remake of the original Game Boy game or will some slight new gameplay content or changes happen? Nintendo has a pattern of adding at least a bit of new content with their remakes, so that's what I expect to happen. 

Mobile Games
STATUS: Likely

Image Credit: Nintendo

In addition to their Nintendo Switch games, the company also has confirmed mobile games in the works for this year. These are Mario Kart Tour, currently in closed Beta, and a new Dr. Mario game. I expect a full-on trailer and release date for the former, and maybe a slight teaser for the latter. 

New Labo Sets
STATUS: Unlikely

Image Credit: Nintendo

If they didn't talk about Labo at last year's E3, while it was still new and fresh, I don't expect to see it this year either. Maybe some more games will get VR functionality, but that's about it. They want to keep the momentum of their most recent set, the VR kits, still going, so they probably wouldn't announce a new one yet. 

New Switch Consoles
STATUS: Debunked

Image Credit: The brilliant concept art creator, Olivier Raymond

While I don't doubt that Nintendo is working on revisions of the Switch (a more upgraded, as well as a budget version), I just don't see them showing them off at E3. This was technically already debunked by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, who said that they wouldn't show off any new hardware at E3, and would focus on software. I expect him to be telling the truth, regardless of secrecy. 

Pikmin 4, already!!!
STATUS: Moderate.

Development for this game was already confirmed years back by legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. The only reason they wouldn't be releasing it already would be if they want to save it for later in the Switch's lifespan. I think this year is already jam-packed with big games, so for a not as big game like Pikmin, it would be best if they just saved it for next year at the earliest. If they really are going to focus on games coming to the Switch in 2019, this wouldn't fit the bill. 

SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online
STATUS: Maybe. 

Image Credit: Engadget

Putting SNES games on the Switch Online Service sounds like a great idea and it's surprising that Nintendo hasn't said anything about it yet. If they even care to talk about such a thing at E3 (and I definitely think it's coming eventually), I have a strange feeling that it might be an extra paid thing to add on top of your already existing subscription. Would fans be happy about that? No. Is it a possibility? Yes. 

New Star Fox Game
STATUS: Could happen.

Image Credit: Nintendo

This is another one of those things that is most likely happening at some point but Nintendo had to figure out when to release it into their crowded Switch release schedule. But out of all the possibilities of surprises to release in the same year, I'd say this is one of the most likely. There were multiple convincing leaks of Retro working on a game called "Star Fox Grand Prix" last year, and that seems likely to me, so if they do intend on releasing that this year, it will be at E3.

New Paper Mario game?

Image Credit: Nintendo

Seeing how recent entries in the Paper Mario series haven't gone so well with fans, I don't think Nintendo is in any rush to release the next Paper Mario for Switch just yet. Is it going to happen eventually? It probably will. Will they show it at this year's E3 and then cram it into this year's launch schedule? I don't think so. 

New Mario, Zelda, or Splatoon games!
STATUS: Quite unlikely.

Image Credit: Nintendo

New entries for Nintendo's three most popular game series at the moment are absolutely, 100% in the works. They already spoke of development on the next mainline Zelda title on the way, and they always start working on the next main Mario game after each one launches (in other words, they probably started working on a new Mario game last year, shortly after the launch of Odyssey). Splatoon 2 is about to get it's final Splatfest event this summer, meaning one thing; Nintendo will end support for updates to the game (still online though, don't worry), and will start working on Splatoon 3. Will any of this be shown at E3? Don't get your hopes high. They might want to freak us out with an announcement or logo for the next Zelda game, but I don't expect literally any info whatsoever about Zelda. As for Splatoon 3, well, it's waaaaay to early to be talking about that. 

Metroid Prime Trilogy
STATUS: Somewhat likely. 

Image Credit: Nintendo

Out of all the remakes and HD remasters of their past games Nintendo could bring to their Switch, this has been one of the most requested. Frankly, it makes a sense. While Metroid Prime 4 is several years away, they can still give us some Metroid news by announcing an HD collection of the three original Metroid Prime games for the Switch. It would make sense and gives fans something to bide them over until Prime 4 arrives. 

More Zelda remakes/remasters!
STATUS: Yeah! Bring it on!

Image Credit: Nintendo

Just like how a remake of Link's Awakening is coming this year, I expect Nintendo to be working on some more remakes of their most remake-able beloved series, The Legend of Zelda. They have an absolute treasure chest of games to choose from. They could port the Wii U remake of Wind Waker HD, or create ones for Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, or anything else. If a Game Boy game can be remade into a beautiful-looking Switch title, why not remake the classic N64 games Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

New WarioWare!!! Woohoo!
STATUS: Quite possible. 

Image Credit: Nintendo

Out of all the new games they could reveal for this year, this is one that appeals to me quite a lot. I love the way that Super Mario Party and its minigames brought all my friends and I together for goofy fun and laughs, and what other Nintendo franchise is known for exactly doing just that? WarioWare. While renaming it WaluigiWare would be a good idea, it likely won't happen. I predict that a new WarioWare title is in the works due to just how many of the Joy-Con gimmicks it could utilize, and if Nintendo is indeed saving any new game announcements for this year at all, this would make lots of sense to fill in the gap of a major party game for the Switch. If 1-2 Switch was that for 2017, and Super Mario Party for 2018, WarioWare for the Switch needs to be that for this year. 

Miscellaneous Third Party Stuff 

Image Credit: Nintendo/Marvel 

In terms of third-party games, or games not developed by Nintendo themselves, it's kind of a mixed bag. Confirmed exclusive games we'll likely see include Bayonetta 3, which we know nothing about, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which is coming this July, Astral Chain, various Dragon Quest games, and the interesting indie game crossover Cadence of Hyrule. The Cadence of Hyrule will probably be a game that is available on the eShop shortly after the Direct. We will learn more about the game's mechanics; is it more of a Zelda game, or a Dance of the Necromancer game? Astral Chain and Bayonetta might get miscellaneous news, but seeing as we already got at least a trailer for Astral Chain, I'd say that's more likely. Dragon Quest games will almost certainly get some coverage, including the upcoming 11th game and the sequel to Dragon Quest Builders. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is surprisingly Switch exclusive, so we will probably get one last look at it to end questions about it before it launches next month. In terms of new and unconfirmed games, just about anything is likely. The Switch has become a home for 2-3-year-old games that get downgraded ports to the system. The Witcher 3, a very visually intense game, was leaked a while back as coming to Switch, but it seems ridiculous enough to make sense being able to run on the Switch tablet even though its typically on high-end consoles and PCs. Hey, anything can happen. Anything else? Oh yeah, the Switch-exclusive Daemon X Machina, almost forgot. That was announced one year ago at E3 and so far we've got no more news about it. Unless it is far-delayed at this point, expect another little wave from it saying, "Hey! Remember me? I still exist!" with some more info. 

And the weirdest one of all has got to be Town, an upcoming new RPG created by the studio Game Freak. It was announced in spring of last year , but again, we've heard literally zero about it since then. It's very likely to receive an appearance at this year's show if it hasn't already been far-delayed or outright canceled (in which case they'd at least tell us, but I don't even think that's the case here). 

Oh, sounds awesome! How do I watch it, again?

Image Credit: Nintendo

Want to see if any of my predictions were correct? The E3 2019 Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow at 12 PM Eastern Time or 9 AM Pacific. You can watch it on Nintendo's official YouTube channel. I will provide a link to their E3 page directly from here so that you can watch it upon returning home from work/school without Googling it and getting spoiled as to its contents via the headline results. Here it is: 


Thanks for reading this post! Be sure to share it with others if you liked it, and stay tuned for more content, including possibly a reactions post to the Direct after I see it. See you next time! BBBBYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!