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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello 2017! + Today's New Google Logo + AABO Show party vlog

This is officially my first post of 2017! Wishing a happy New Year to all! You can see today's Google logo for it above. It has several balloons falling from the ceiling with balloons with the numbers of 2017 on them. The clock on the wall is past midnight.

Yesterday, me and Onur--- *ahem* Onur and I (grammar correction) went to Ali and Burak's house for a party. We made a new YouTube video for our channel, The AABO Show, and I was able to edit and upload it this morning. Last night, I made a highlights reel for it and was able to upload it shortly after midnight.

Here is the teaser trailer for it, in case you don't want to watch the whole entire 4-minute-long version:

Here is the full version of the video (a bit more than four minutes left):

In the video we play games, open a countdown, dance to some music, and show some funny edits. 


Hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you and your family have had a great holiday break. Happy New Year!

Here is my previous post, about New Year's Eve:

See you next time! BBBBBYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!