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NYC was awesome! (part 3)

After visiting M&M World, we went to the world's biggest Toys'R'Us

(Written April 7, 2014-Happened on April 6, 2014) This is part 3 and I have less to write about but still a lot. I almost forgot to say that we were in Times Square. I couldn’t write this after I wrote part 2 because we had to go shopping. Now I’m finally back. Here I go again…

After visiting M&M World, we went to the world’s biggest Toys’R'Us. They had this giant ferris wheel. Each ferris whell cart was themed after a section in the Toys’R'Us. There was a Toy Story cart, a Kreo cart, a Barbie cart, a Hasbro cart, and many more. In the Lego section, there were giant Lego models of things like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building(it even had King Kong climbing up it). There was also a giant Lego Hulk. There was a giant (not Lego) Spider Man spinning a web from the ceiling. They even had a giant realistic T-Rex robot with motion detectors. It would move and make noises. “Raaaaaaaaaaaawr!” That meant that if I touched its toe, it would blow our eardrums. We explored a few sections including the Nickelodeon, Despicable Me, Minecraft, Babys’R'Us, Lego, Star Wars, and Angry Birds sections then left.

We ate at a restaurant and then went home. When we I got there, I was very tired. NYC was awesome!
So I guess this is it. Tune in for more on “This and That, Here and There”.


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