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Hi, this is Arca. This is my second blog post for today, to make up for not posting at all on Tuesday. When blog upgrade 5.0 came out, there was an annoying glitch that made the screen load slow and a bunch of text at the bottom of the screen that took up half the screen. To learn more about that, see this post:

Anyways, I went onto Google's Blogger Help Forum. Somebody else was having the same problem. Somebody who works at Google replied and gave CSS code to copy into the template of a blog to hide a certain widget. I gave him the link to my blog, and since he works at Google, was able to go into my blog to fix it. A big thanks to the expert who did that!

Now you will no longer see that at the bottom of my blog, and my page loads a lot faster. This is great news, and therefore a bug fix feature of TTHT blog upgrade 5.2!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, and a daily post until August, Thanks for reading this.BBYYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!'

Here is my previous post, about Minecraft PE builds of the Green Bird and Helmet Pig from Angry Birds:


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