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So um... what exactly happened?

Good question.  To summarize, Weirdmageddon IRL happened. Both before and during COVID. Oh wait, you mean to my blog? Well... My blog has been officially on hiatus for some time. It isn't dead. Stay tuned... :) - Arca "Arjay" Baran ...  Oh wait, too short of a post? You want to know what is coming next?  How about this, I publish my 25 draft posts (not including this one)... As shown below: Ah, but most of those are either empty, or super duper outdated and irrelevant. I don't think I'll be finishing any of them... with the exception of one particular empty post. ;) That's this one:  (Sorry if the screenshot is a bit blurry, by the way.) In the future (by that, I mean either if I'm extremely bored before school is over, or mid-July... the latter seems more likely) my posts will be different than what I've been doing for the past 4 years. I'll try to make them more opinion and story oriented. So, if there's particular current events that I'm
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How I had a VIRTUAL 16th BIRTHDAY PARTY! (feat. Joonas Suotamo AKA Chewbacca himself!!!)

Hello, everyone, this is Arca. It's been a while, but yesterday I celebrated my 16th birthday! Obviously I wasn't able to go see a movie with my friends after going to a restaurant for dinner as I usually do, but I devised a fun way to make up for it with Discord. Discord has both text chat, audio and video features, and features a way to stream one's screen to multiple people at once... so in other words, it was perfect for a virtual movie-watching party! If you said that no new Star Wars movie was releasing this year, well, luckily, you'd be incorrect. The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special was a short 45-minute movie on Disney+ that released last month, but I held off on watching the pseudo-time travel/Christmas movie parody until my birthday party!  So, to start from the beginning of the day, I woke up, ate some pancakes, and then was greeted with a surprise! I had gotten a birthday wish from the person who plays my favorite Star Wars (and possibly fiction in general) c

Happy Halloween! (2020) [UPDATED]

(Above you can see the spooky edits I made to both my profile picture/blog favicon and my personal Discord server's icon for this year!) UPDATED: I wrote this in the morning, but now, in the evening, I updated it at the bottom :)  Hello, everyone! I know I haven't posted in a long, long time. A lot has happened since mid-July. For one, school has continued (in-person, kind of) through hybrid school for many people where I live. I was hybrid for a short amount of time but am now back to remote. Many, many exciting things have also happened. The article I wrote with the fantastic team at Curious Science Writers got published! It's about using wearable smartwatches to fight smoking addiction, a problem that likely affects at least someone you know in your life, like a family member or loved one: .  I know I've talked about technology constantly on my blog, but this article is more