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It has all led up to this moment. Millions of years of human existence, every single decision made, every single atom that ever bumped into another atom, every single glucose molecule ever defecated out of a creature, has all led up to this. I have had to go through 11.5 years of education (including preschool) to get to this point. 5 years of blogging, 172.9 thousand views, 338 posts, 29 unfinished drafts, 7.53 billion human beings, 34 cases of coronavirus in the United States, $23 trillion in national debt, 74 playable characters in Smash Ultimate's roster at launch, and the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Thankfully, this has not all gone for naught, as while it may have cost literally everthing, I can now finally type these words using a piece of plastic and electronics that displays these symbols representing sound that represents ideas that are shared to this thing called the Internet: School = Blogging "Silly Arca," you must think, or "He