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I know I haven't posted much recently. Why? Because my Thanksgiving post came right after my Halloween post. Time flies. Either that, or my homework flies... into piles on top of my desk, destroying any free time that comes in its path. You know what day it is today: Thanksgiving! Time to be thankful for unspecific reasons, invite people into your property, and get diabetes with just one meal. Google has of course made a new animated doodle for the occasion, which you can see at the top of the post and on today's Google homescreen. Poor old turkey! Everyone wants to eat him, but all he wanted was a vacation. By the way, if you search "Thanksgiving" on Google search today, then by scrolling down you will see a poll where people around the world can vote to choose their favorite Thanksgiving dish. I chose Turkey, of course, and by looking at the results so did most other people. You can only vote in the poll today, so be sure to try it out. This Thanksgiving