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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2015 List of Winners

This is Arca here.  The 2015 KCAs last night were awesome!  It was full of celebrities, fun, blimps, and tons of SLIME!!! In case you missed it, here is the full list of winners: ( ) Favorite Kids TV Show Austin and Ally WINNER! Nominees: Dog With a Blog Every Witch Way Henry Danger Jessie Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn Favorite Family TV Show Modern Family WINNER! Nominees: Gotham Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Once Upon a Time The Big Bang Theory The Flash Favorite TV Actor Ross Lynch (Austin and Ally) WINNER! Nominees: Benjamin Flores Jr. (Haunted Hathaways) Charlie McDermott (The Middle) Grant Gustin (The Flash) Jack Griffo (The Thundermans) Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) Favorite TV Actress Laura Marano (Austin and Ally) WINNER! Nominees: Chloe Bennet (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Debby Ryan (Jessie) Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (The Big Bang Th

Help Wanted! Become a member of my blog!

You may have seen the sign I hung up on my logo that says: "Help Wanted". That's because I'm recruiting more members of my blog.  Once you are a member, you can write and edit new posts on my blog. The only way to become a member of my blog is if I let you. This is how it works: You give me your email address and I invite you to become a member.  When you become a member and start a post, you must start it by saying your name, so people can tell who posted what. Also, end each post by telling people to subscribe, stay tuned, and stuff like that. You may even add a special message. Be sure to like, subscribe, and stay tuned to more on This and That, Here and There! Bye!

What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft? Vote Now! Voting ends March 30! (Note, if other answer, write it in the comments)

Don't you love Minecraft? If the answer was yes, you should check out my latest poll. What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?  And by that, I mean, what is your ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do in Minecraft? Is it building amazing creations? Or is it the exciting combat? Or is it one of the other vast options? To vote, simply use the gadget below the total views scoreboard. If you want your answer to be counted, please do not vote in the comments unless your respnonse is not one of the choices given.  Voting the day before the end of March, the 30th.  So you basically have the rest of the month to vote.  On March 31, I will announce the winner of the poll, which will be the response that was given the most.  Have fun! Voting starts... NOW! Help promote my blog by telling your friends about it. If you are viewing my blog on a computer, be sure to check out the mobile version. (No, its not an app.) Just type in your blog's address into the browser.

New Angry Birds Stella Game: Stella POP Out Now!

After the first Angry Birds Stella game came out, it was announced that it would be a series of games, just like the original Angry Birds  Saga. When I say that, you are probably picturing Stella Rio, Stella seasons, or even Stella Space. No, the next Stella game is not any of those. It is Angry Birds Stella POP. Stella's power is the Pink Flash power. Do you remember her old power? The one with her bubble wand? In this game, you will find out what happened to it.     You know one of those games where you have to match flying objects that stick together? Stella POP is one of them. In this fun, addicting puzzle game, you can pop bubbles AND pigs. This is the first Angry Birds game that is only played vertically on a screen. Use the slingshot to launch colorful bubbles to try and match them in bunches of 3 or more. They can bounce of the wall to go higher. If they are not matched, the bubble will stick to other bubbles. Once they are matched, they all will

The Hypnotists: The Dragonfly Effect (Book 3) Cover Revealed!

Have you ever wished you could have the power to h y p n o t i z e  people? This kid can. His name is Jax Opus, AKA Jack Magnus (He has had to change his name a few times).  He is the star of his own book series. It is called The Hypnotists  and it is by Gordon Korman.  Jax has the special ability to hypnotize people with his c o l o r c h a n g i n g   eyes. He lived in NYC , where his color blind best friend Tommy seems immune. But he accidentally may hypnotize others. He goes to a institute where he learns to use his powers properly owned by a very rich man, Dr. Elias Mako. But he later finds out that Dr. Mako has a secret plan to jeopardize the U.S. Presidential Elections and hypnotize one of the representatives. Once he hypnotizes other people into voting for that representative, he will also hypnotize the president and take over! That's right, Dr. Mako is WACKO !   How will Jax stop Dr. Mako? If he can't, what will happen?  I don't want to spoil th

Minecraft PE 0.11.0 Update Preview-Confirmed Features+ Release Date

   Minecraft: Pocket Edition already has some same features from the PC version. But some want it to be unique in some ways, so more people will want to play it. It just can't be the same as PC, or no one will really want to play it.   In upcoming update 0.11.0 there will be several new features, such as confirmed skins, cave spiders, potion effects (but still not potions), and boats. But, all of its from the PC version. Boats, however, will be different. their texture will be a bit different and they will need paddles to move. Also, instead of being crafted with wooden planks, you can craft them with logs. They may end up looking like minecarts. They will add cave spiders that can poison you and some exclusive potion effects. Not potions, just the effects alone.   There will be in-game skins, including Alex. Along with the in-game skins, there should be some exclusive ones. The pigmen texture will finally be changed. Oh,

New LEGO Minecraft Sets with Alex

Do you like Minecraft? Girls do too. In 1.8, Mojang added an alternative player skin. She has thinner arms than Steve and also is in Series 3 of Minecraft figures. The PE at Mojang has also announced that they are putting her in Pocket Edition 0.11.0 along with other skins. What about LEGO Minecraft?  As it turns out, there are some new LEGO Minecraft 2015 normal sets, some of which include her. They include a Snow Biome, and Nether Fortress set. The Nether Fortress set has both Steve and Alex, both in armor.  I am really looking forward to seeing these new sets being released, along with many others. If you enjoyed this, be sure to like, subscribe, and stay tuned to This and That, here and There. Bye!

How to Change Your Blog's Cursor with Blogger- Animated Cursor Generator

Several people have been asking me how to change their blog's cursor. So, with the help of  I have provided my blog with an animated cursor generator below. How do you use it? It's simple. Choose the type of cursor you want below and click on "Get Code". Then you have two options. make sure you are signed in. a. Go to Blogger. Click on your blog, click on "Layout", then click on "Add a Gadget", then choose "HTML/JavaScript", then paste the code given below depending on which one you chose. BUT... I prefer this way. b. After choosing which one you want and clicking on "Get Code", click on add to Blogger, and then accept. Here is the generator: I hope you enjoyed using the Animated Cursor Generator, and if you did, be sure to like, subscribe, and stay tuned to This and That, Here and There. If you enjoy my tutorials, you will also enjoy  which has many more Blogger Tric

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.10.4- Best. Diamond. Seed. EVER!

(Note: The image above is not what the actual seed looks like.) Have you desperately been trying to find diamonds in MCPE? And it turns out, the actual seed is "diamond seed".  Seed name: diamond seed World Type: Infinite  Weird, huh? Before you go ahead and judge me, try it out yourself. As soon as you spawn into your world, do not move. Look at the sand block directly below you (your spawn point) and start digging straight down. I recommend looking at it in creative mode first. In survival mode, place a block on your spawn point and dig down later without having to dig directly down. In Minecraft, diamonds are coded to be found near dangerous places. Especially near lava. As soon as you reach a lava cave, carefully look around while placing torches. You may make a bridge to help. You will see that there is a truckload of loot, including tons of redstone, iron, lapis lazuli, and gold. You will even find up to 12 diamonds! This seed is a MUST for anybody who d