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THANK YOU + Thanksgiving 2018 Vlog!

Hello everyone! A few days ago, it was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays since it gives everyone time to get together and show gratitude for the special people, privileges, and things in their life. This year, it was no exception. My friends Ali and Burak were kind enough to invite Onur and me over to their house for a Thanksgiving celebration. We ate a delicious feast of turkey and other traditional Thanksgiving food together, talked about what we were thankful for, and had fun playing Super Mario Party together. I recorded bits of our celebration and edited it together into a full-length vlog, uploaded to our collaboration YouTube channel, The AABO Show . You can watch the full video above, right on this site. Or, if you'd like to have the link and open it in a new YouTube tab, here it is: We hadn't posted in a while previous to this, so of course, I started out the video with an Undertale Megalovania meme that prope