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Happy 17th Birthday Dipper and Mabel!

Today is a very important day for all Gravity Falls fans. In the episode "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", it was revealed that the twins Dipper and Mabel's birthday was on August 31st! And today happens to be August 31st. Happy Birthday to Dipper and Mabel, the two best sibling cartoon characters of all time! The show Gravity Falls takes place in the year 2012. If they turned 13 in 2012, they would be 17 years old in 2016! So 17th birthday to them. If they were real people, by now they would be almost adults, according to the show's timeline! _________________________________________________________________________________ My previous post, about my last two Angry Birds Minecraft PE builds of the Mighty Eagle and Silver Bird: See you next time! BBBYYYYEEEEE!!!!

Minecraft PE Builds: Angry Birds Silver Bird and Mighty Eagle!

Hello, guys! This is Arca. The only two Minecraft PE Angry Birds Builds I had left were the Silver Bird and the Mighty Eagle. So without further ado, here they are! The Silver Bird (named Silver), is a bird that not as many people know about. She is from the game Angry Birds 2, released last year. The one I built is mostly grey, with some white shaped like a triangle in the centre. There are two grey curves next to her eyes. She has round eyebrows above her eyes. To make the eyeshine in her eyes, I put a stone button on each. She has two black tail feathers and two curved grey head feathers. The top of her beak is red and curves over the bottom part, which is yellow. The mighty eagle is my 3rd biggest Angry Birds build I made so far. The slingshot is the biggest, and the Red Bird was too much oversized. He has brown stomach feathers with parts sticking out in many different sizes. His stomach is in front of the rest of his body. He has a big yellow curved beak. He

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0 (AKA "Boss Update")- BETA RELEASED!! Features: OCEAN MONUMENTS, COMMANDS, WITHER BOSS, AND MORE!

Hello, this is Arca! I have some news to share with you regarding the next major Minecraft PE update, 0.16.0! 0.15.0 came out earlier on in the summer, and work has already started on the next update, 0.16.0. The beta will be available for Android devices now! This post will be focusing on the confirmed features so far of this update. First of all, it was announced that 0.16.0 would be called "The Boss Update", and it is pretty self-explanatory what that means. Even though we will NOT be getting the Enderdragon this update, we will be able to battle the other two boss mobs, which are the Wither Boss and Elder Guardian.  Along with the Elder Guardian boss (that can shoot lasers), they will add Ocean Monuments and normal guardians. In case you don't know, guardians are fish-like hostile mobs added in 1.8 of the PC edition that live underwater in Ocean Monuments. They will also add prismarine chards and the blocks that the monuments consist of. T

Turkey Trip 2016| Week 3- FINAL WEEK: Gurun w/ photos + I AM BACK - IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Above: Most of my dad's side of the family in a picture with us next to a lake. Top layer, from left to right: Aunt Ayse (She is behind my cousin Selim), cousin Yigit, my dad, my mom, cousin Omer Faruk, Uncle Zafer, Aunt Semra, cousin Seda, Aunt Nermin, and Uncle Soner. Bottom row, left to right: Me, Grandpa Haci, Grandma Sevim (she is behind Onur), and cousin Ahmet Emre. Hello, guys! This is Arca. I came back from Turkey one week ago, and I still haven't posted about my final week in Gurun. In today's post, I will be showing you the photos we took there. We stayed with most of my dad's side of the family, except for my cousin Fatih and Mehmet, who were unfortunately unable to attend. Above: Only a few of the many caves we saw there. The caves were all man-made, and date back many years. One of my uncles used to explore them as a kid. They were all connected, and one of them was about a mile long. According to him, there was some ancient writing on the

Turkey Trip 2016: Week 2- Ankara- Photos and Summary

Above: A photo I took of a street in Old Town Ankara. Hello, this is Arca! It is currently the last day of week 2 out of 3 of my annual vacation in Turkey for 2016. This week, I was in Ankara. Most people think that Istanbul is the capital of turkey. But that is not true. Ankara is the real capital of Turkey. Istanbul is just the most well-known Turkish city (other than Batman, no kidding, which is the name of a city there). In Turkey we visited my mom's side of the family. This includes my Grandpa İlhan and Grandma Nurten, Uncle Yilnir and Aunt Gülay, and my cousin Alkim. In this post I will be showing you some photos we took there and a summary of what we did there. Above: All of us at a restaurant in Old Town Ankara. Left side of the table from top to bottom: Onur, my mom, me, my dad. Right side of the table from top to bottom: Aunt Gülay, Grandpa İlhan, Grandma Nurten There, we visited Old Town Ankara, where there are some famous old-fashioned houses. We

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- Trailer #2 Release Date for Tomorrow During the Rio Olympics! | Star Wars News

Hello, this is Arca with some exciting Star Wars news! It has been more than 4 months since the first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One, was first released. We have all been waiting a long time for this to happen: the second trailer will be revealed! You can watch it tomorrow, which is Thursday, August 11th during Rio Olympics coverage. They have not stated which time. Since I will not be able to watch it on TV that day (I will be on a road tripto Gürün, my next stop in Turkey), I can watch it on the official Star Wars YouTube channel. They usually upload trailers minutes or even seconds after they start airing live on TV. I will probably do an analysis of this trailer later this month, when I am back from Turkey. Here is a tease clip from the trailer: Apparently, now Hollywood makes trailers for trailers!  I can't wait to see the trailer! I most likely wont be able to see it the day it is released, since sadly where I am goin

Star Wars News: Darth Vader Virtual Reality Story Experience Planned- Is this a good or bad idea?

Hello, guys! This is Arca. I have some Star Wars news that I thought that I would like to share with you. ILMX labs is currently developing a Star Wars story experience in virtual reality headset devices. It is based on no other than Mr. Vader-man himself! It will be a canon story, and will be a cross between a game and a movie, and based on Darth Vader. However, don't set ypurhopes too high to get ıt very soon. It will most likely still have another one or two more years of development. Here is the official trailer for it: Today I will be disscussıng whether I think thıs is a good idea or a bad one. The one thing about this that bothered me the most is that most VR headsets are very expensive, and it would be unfair for those who can't get it. This is not only a game. It can also be considered  as real as an actual movie. While watching, you can walk around and pick things up wıth 360 view. It ıs canon to the storylone of the Star Wars universe. An

How to Fold an Easy Origami YouTube Play Button! | My New YouTube Video

After reaching 40 YouTube subscribers, I invented my own version of an orıgamı YouTube play button. I called it the paper play button, and it is very easy to make. You need a perfect square sheet of paper. It should be white on one sıde and red on the other. Start with the white side facing up.  I made a YouTube video showing you how to make it. Hope that this is useful for you guys! You can make it with any color or soze you want to celebrate however many subscıbers you get! Here is the video: I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Remember to subscribe to my channel! Help me get to 20,000 vıews before Thanksgiving for a surprise! Vıew daily and tell others to do so, too. Here is my previous post, about what I did ın Bodrum on week 1 of my Turkey trip of 2016, and a hotel review: See you guys next time! BBBYYYYYYEEEE!!!!!

Turkey Trip 2016: Week 1- Bodrum - Photos + Hilton Türkbükü ResortReview + My New YouTube Video

Above: My family and my Uncle Soner's family pose for a picture on the balcony of our resort room in front of the scenery. From left to right: Aunt Nermin, my dad, my mom, me, Uncle Soner, and Onur. Hello guys, this is Arca! I haven't blogged in a while, since I am in Turkey. The previous week I was in Bodrum, but now I am in the capital city of Ankara. However, this post will be about Bodrum.  My family stayed there with Uncle Soner and Aunt Nermin. Their son, Yiğit (who is now in college), also came. Bodrum has a great beach right in the Ege Sea. I really enjoyed swimming there. The water wasn't too overheated, nor too cold, and there wasn't any waves. This was because the beach was in an mostly enclosed area, so most waves didn't get through. However, there was occasionally a few waves made by boats passing by, but they ended quickly. The resort we stayed in was called Hilton Bodrum Türkbükü. I decided to give it a review here. I will divide i