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Turkey Trip 2016: Week 2- Ankara- Photos and Summary

Above: A photo I took of a street in Old Town Ankara.

Hello, this is Arca! It is currently the last day of week 2 out of 3 of my annual vacation in Turkey for 2016. This week, I was in Ankara. Most people think that Istanbul is the capital of turkey. But that is not true. Ankara is the real capital of Turkey. Istanbul is just the most well-known Turkish city (other than Batman, no kidding, which is the name of a city there). In Turkey we visited my mom's side of the family. This includes my Grandpa İlhan and Grandma Nurten, Uncle Yilnir and Aunt Gülay, and my cousin Alkim. In this post I will be showing you some photos we took there and a summary of what we did there.

Above: All of us at a restaurant in Old Town Ankara. Left side of the table from top to bottom: Onur, my mom, me, my dad. Right side of the table from top to bottom: Aunt Gülay, Grandpa İlhan, Grandma Nurten

There, we visited Old Town Ankara, where there are some famous old-fashioned houses. We ate at a Turkish restaurant (obviously) there as well.

Above: Another street-view photo I took at Old Town Ankara.

Above: My mom and Onur stand in front of a statue of the poet who wrote the Turkish national anthem.

Above: My family along with my mom's side of the family sitting down at a restaurant in the city of Ankara. I am pretty sure you can recognize the right side of the table as my main family, so I will instead list everyone on the left side of the table from top to bottom: Aunt Gülay, Grandma Nurten, Grandpa İlhan, my cousin Alkim, and Uncle Yilnur

Where my grandpa and grandma love in Ankara, there is this ice cream place called Mado. They have really good finger-ice cream cones. They are basically ice cream in very tiny cones, covered with a layer of white chocolate or milk chocolate. I give them a rating of 4 and a half stars. They may taste very good, but not the best I have ever tasted. Turkish ice cream in general is my favorite type of ice cream. It is way better than American ice cream, in my opinion. Turkish ice cream is creamier and this makes it tastier.

At this one Burger King there, they constantly played the same two songs over and over again. They were "My Heart Is A Ghost Town" and some other song I forgot the name of. I am not sure if any of the people working there even noticed!

Also, a shoutout to Maya. I saw her in Ankara.

Tomorrow, I will leave for Gürün. I will not be able to post for a week since there is no internet where I will be staying. Expect a post about that place after I come back from Turkey.

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See you next time! BBYYYEEEE!!!!!