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Nintendo Switch Review + Blog Upgrade 8.1

After the main part of this post (and what it says in the title), which is my review of the Nintendo Switch console one year later, I have a few announcements to make. If you are one of my friends or know me personally, you may want to scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to read these announcements, since it may pertain directly to you. However, if you just came here for my Switch review, then you're in luck, since its the very first part of this post and is directly below this. Anyways, enjoy reading this, which is my first post in a long time! _________________________________________________________________________________     What if I told you that I played motion-controlled robot boxing with my friend on an airplane?  Or that I milked virtual cows while sitting at a restaurant? I also played Mario Kart together with the person sitting next to me on the field trip bus ride to the Franklin Institute. And all I needed to do was plop a Nintendo Switch on a

Will Star Wars Ever End? (May the Fourth Be With You)

For Star Wars fans all around the world, May 4th is a very special day. That is since it is the unofficial holiday "Star Wars Day", or as it is more usually referred to as, "May the Fourth Be With You!" Sound familiar? It should, since this is an intended pun on the famous quote from every single SW movie, "May the Force be with you." Since today is MAY FOURTH, it sounds a lot like "MAY FORCE". And so, not too long ago, the tradition of celebrating May 4 as Star Wars Day had began. Here's a little fun-fact: The day after May the Fourth Be With You is May 5th. Some fans call this day "Revenge of the Fifth!" (A pun on the title of the third movie.) Star Wars is a very special movie franchise, for several reasons. It stands to reason that the original Star Wars (A New Hope), which hit theaters in 1977, is probably one of the most influential movies of all time, and it left the biggest impact on pop-culture overall. Even people who