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Angry Birds Transformers, and epic shooter game, out now on IOS and Android!

Its finally here! The moment we've all been waiting for... Angry Birds Transformers is now out on both Android and    IOS  devices and tablets! Awesome right? The game even allows you to "invite"  random people to your game to help you win a level. Plus, you don't even need to be connected to Facebook of Wi-Fi to do so! Recently, my brother's 2nd tooth fell out, and the tooth fairy gave him a twenty-dollar bill. He says he wants to spend it on Angry Birds Transformers Telepods. They also have Angry Birds Transformers Jenga sets, similar to the Angry Birds Go! Jenga sets. In most of them, you put the bird or pig in the car and launch it at the structure. I found out that the same thing applies to a lot of the AB Transformers Jenga sets. And do you know that AB Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway set? Well, I remember seeing  a image of an AB Transformers Telepods Optimus Prime Raceway online. When you press the tap the "transform" button, you transform

A saga to protest on how unfair the Ask Toolbar on my browser is! It's a Parody of Star Wars...

                                 CYBER WARS:                                              Episode 5: Ask Strikes back!                                                Chaos has been reigning through all of  the web.                                         Word has it that Ask wants revenge on  Google Chrome  for                                               being  a more popular search engine. So they built the                                                                Ask toolbar. One all powerful way to force people to   use Ask. Not                                                 only that, but it also blocks my "new post" button so it is hard to add stuff to                       my blog. It blocks all the important buttons and icons and leaves even               the fiercest Youtubers, like SkyDoesMinecraft and Kittiesmama, begging            for mercy. But the FireFox Rebellion has found a way to fight back! They make        programs that you can

Guess what?: Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Telepods news you have got to hear

My Note: When I was searching for images to post on the AB Transformers Proof Article I wrote, I found this awesome picture of  Yoda bird in a cool background. When I clicked on it, the title I saw was " Angry Birds Star Wars II: 30 million TELEPODS scans and counting! " So I decided to write the article about it using the awesome Yoda bird picture I found. Here it is: The entire Idea for Angry Birds Star Wars II started when Rovio started thinking about ideas on ways for players to experience the game in both the physical and digital world. (And, no, DEFINITELY  not virtual reality!) Not only that, many of the game designers must  have started sketching versions of the birds and pigs from the Star Wars  Prequel Films. Besides, some Toys'R'Us Stores started clearing out the Angry Birds sections to make room for more pop ular things, such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity. That was just about enough to make the Bomb Bird explode. " Two can play at that

Angry Birds Transformers to be Released on October 15! Includes Telepods too!

You heard what I said! I can't wait! Here are some important reference links: - - -     -       

A Quick Shoutout to my babysitter, Ayse!

Thank you for all that you do! You are the best babysitter ever! -Arca

I Got an Kindle Paperwhite for Eid!

  Two days ago, on Saturday, it was Eid.  Luckily, this year it was on the weekend so I wouldn't have to miss school. My dad ordered a  Kindle Paperwhite (that only has books) from Amazon. He also got  me and Onur a Yellow Kindle Fire HD6 that has games and allows us to create profiles and share it. Do you want to get a Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon? Click here .    Do you want to order a Kindle Fire HD6 on Amazon? Then click here . Anyways, mine needed to come today, but it still hasn't. Definitely tomorrow. Latest is Wednesday. But the Fire HD6 is out of stock, We preordered it. It will come  when it is back in stock. That's like two weeks or so.         Well, I can't wait for them to come!

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Introduces new Star Wars Rebels Telepods, Based on the hit Disney TV Series

Guess what? You know that Star Wars show they're featuring on the Kid's Menu at Subway? Its called Star Wars : Rebels. It's basically like the Clone Wars Series. It's another computer animated version of Star Wars appearing on Disney XD. It was even featured in a recent TFK  Extra. So what does that have to do with Angry Birds? Well, as you must already know, just by looking at the picture on the right, they have made Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Telepods based on the show. This set  comes with the following characters: Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, Ezra Bridger, C1-10P ("Chopper") birds, The Inquisitor, Agent Kallus, Imperial Officer, AT-DP Pilot, Chikatro Vizago and Vizago Droid pigs Plus, they each have a special power!