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I wish everyone a Happy Saint Patty's Day! Even if you're not Irish (like me). Today is an excuse to wear a lot of green! Speaking of green, I changed my blog background to be more green! It also has some clovers.  Google has also made a new animated logo for the occasion! You can see it above.

DIY Gravity Falls 3D Pyramid Bill Cipher Made Out of Pencils! How-To Tutorial

Hi guys! This is Arca. More than a year has passed since the show Gravity Falls ended. It was an amazing show that had a mystery element to it. The main bad-guy was an Illuminati-shaped demon by the name of Bill Cipher.  Today I will be providing a tutorial on how to make your own Bill Cipher using pencils, bendy straws, and paper. It will be a three dimensional pyramid. Materials Needed: Yellow construction paper Black construction paper 4 Bendy Straws White Paper 6 unsharpened Pencils of the same size A black marker A lot of Scotch tape A pen cap  Scissors Step-by-Step Tutorial Step 1:   Form a pyramid using the pencils and tape it all together, tying it with tape at the intersections. It may take a few tries to get the angles right. It will have a triangle base with three pencils coming out of each corner and meeting at a center point ahead.  Step 2: Trace the bottom triangle onto a yellow sheet of paper. Don't worry if the sides are