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Waluigi Tales- Chapter 1: Dark Beginnings (ft. Waluigi)

Forced into the shadows by his more popular companions, he is a resident villain of the Mushroom Kingdom. He wears purple, loves playing tricks on people, and looks semi-similar to Luigi. Except he's not Luigi. Just like how Wario is the evil version of Mario, Waluigi is the evil version of Luigi.  So if he's a character from such a popular video game franchise, how come barely anyone (outside of meme aficionados) knows about him? You see, Nintendo, the very company that created the series, hates Waluigi. That part is pretty obvious. He is the only Mario protagonist not to have his own game, barely appears in main-line titles outside of spin-off titles, and, most upsettingly of all, was rejected as a character for the new Smash Bros game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate .  But that's enough explaining about who he is. If you still want to learn more about him, watch this awesome video by DidYouKnowGaming giving facts about him:

The Incredibles 2- Movie Review

Hello, this is Arca, and today I will be writing a spoiler-free review of the new movie The Incredibles 2. I watched it a few weeks ago, so technically this is delayed, but since when are my blog posts not delayed, anyway? Regardless of how long it took me to finally make this, let's get right into this incredible review! (You knew I was going to make that pun at some point.) Me watching this movie is interesting for a few reasons. One, the original film (The Incredibles), to which this is a sequel to, came out the year I was born. I didn't watch it until I was 5, but once again, that means that this movie series is as old as I am! Two, I watched this movie one week after watching another superhero movie: Avengers Infinity War. In other words, I watched two superhero movies in a row, but both were polar opposites, as you could imagine. So how exactly would I compare Avengers with Incredibles ? The first is a high-stakes, action-packed, live-action film aimed for the old

The Clone Wars' EPIC COMEBACK!

It seems to be the week of comebacks, isn't it? I restored Xiang's blog ,  revived my old YouTube channel , and now I check my computer after a few days of not doing so, and find that my Google notifications are filled with a bunch of posts all dealing with the same breaking news: The Clone Wars show has been resurrected. Above: The clone troopers marching into battle, ready to fight at the Jedi's command.  What even  is  The Clone Wars, you may ask? Well, in case you couldn't tell from the title, it has to do with Star Wars. It was an animated TV series that started in 2008. It took place between Star War episodes II and III, and told the story of what the movies mostly skipped: The events of the Clone Wars, a series of battles named after the army of soldiers that were all identical clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett (Boba Fett's dad). Above: Anakin and Obi-Wan look confused in the Clone Wars Comeback trailer. "Wait, this is a

Nintendo News Roundup: Nintendo Discusses 3DS successor, Epic New Splatfest, the Master Cycle Zero in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and MORE!

Hello, guys, this is Arca. This will be a brief summary of the Nintendo-related news of the past week or so. The first news is the most immediate since it deals with something going on today (as I publish this). The new Splatfest today is more than just a party... It's a WAR! The game Splatoon 2 has events called "Splatfests", which happen once or twice a month, and they are basically in-game competitions featuring two opposing sides. Players will have to pick a side by answering questions like "Peanut butter v.s. Jelly" or "Cats v.s. Dogs" to share their opinion and play online battles to help lead their side to victory. This time, the Splatfest topic is quite an interesting one: What is the superior cephalopod, squids or octopuses (I don't know what the plural form of octopuses is)? This, of course, corresponds with the recent DLC for the game which lets players complete a separate single-player campaign. At the end of the campaign,