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"Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi"- Cast, Title, Release Date, Trailer Info, and more!

The next chapter of the Star Wars saga is coming December of 2017. This post will be your guide to the movie, with all the info about it that we know so far. This will regard the title, cast, release date, trailer information, speculation, rumors, and more! Confirmed Information The first part of this post will focusing on confirmed information that has been officially stated by Disney and LucasFilm that we know for certain to be true. What is the title of the movie?                                        Earlier this week, it was officially revealed by LucasFilm and Disney that the eighth installment in the franchise, which had been referred to as "Star Wars Episode VIII" for over a year, was now officially titled Star Wars: The Last Jedi . Director of the film, Rian Johnson, posted the above photo the day after on Twitter, saying "Felt so good to drop this into the cut this morning." It is shows the beginning of the opening cr

On the road to 30 thousand views! Q&A Ask me anything submission form link. All questions due February 10th!

30 thousand views is on the horizon on my blog, with just about 2 thousand left to go. My special post for this occasion will be a Q&A, short for "Question and Answer". You can ask anything you would like to know about me and my blog. There are some requirements for it, however: RULES: 1. The questions must be kid friendly and appropriate to ask. 2. I will not reveal any personal information. 3. Your questions must all be submitted before Friday, February 10th to be shown on the post. I will make a post about it most likely that weekend. If you do all this, there is a chance that it will be shown on my post!  Here is the form for it:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello 2017! + Today's New Google Logo + AABO Show party vlog

This is officially my first post of 2017! Wishing a happy New Year to all! You can see today's Google logo for it above. It has several balloons falling from the ceiling with balloons with the numbers of 2017 on them. The clock on the wall is past midnight. Yesterday, me and Onur--- * ahem * Onur and I (grammar correction) went to Ali and Burak's house for a party. We made a new YouTube video for our channel, The AABO Show , and I was able to edit and upload it this morning. Last night, I made a highlights reel for it and was able to upload it shortly after midnight. Here is the teaser trailer for it, in case you don't want to watch the whole entire 4-minute-long version: Here is the full version of the video (a bit more than four minutes left): In the video we play games, open a countdown, dance to some music, and show some funny edits.  _________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoyed this p