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But wait... THERE'S MORE!

Well, this post is unusually timed, isn't it? Anyways, I would like to acknowledge my long silence and not posting very often. I assure you that now that school has ended and summer vacation has arrived, this will end... (drumroll please) not now . Why?  That is since I am going on a road trip across the Northeast U.S. for a week, and I won't be able to post. The pros to this? Well, Acadia is awesome, and I get to go hiking, camping, and eating lobster-flavored ice cream (yes, that exists in Maine). The cons? I won't be able to blog during a time of a gigantic "posting drought". Meaning that the posts that I expected to be out this weekend (Incredibles 2 movie review and a non-fan Infinity War impressions post) will be delayed until next month, July. So this is my last post of the month. Once July comes around, I will post once a day, just as I have done the previous two summers. See you later, and I promise that this will  not  be the end of my blog. Just a

Nintendo at E3 2018: What to Expect (and not)

Gaming fans can rejoice: E3, a massive annual convention in Los Angeles, California, is just around the corner! What exactly is E3? Well, it stands for "Electronic Entertainment Expo" (which would be EEE or 3 letter Es) and is the event once a year when video game developers and console-makers come together to host a series of heavily-publicized press conferences. It was usually reserved for business members and journalists to enter and watch Top-Secret video game announcements, but it wasn't until very recently that E3 opened its doors to the public. That means that if you live near LA, California, you can be one of the lucky 60,000 people to watch game-changing announcements right as they happen, and play the most anticipated games of the decade years before they might actually release. I, as someone who lives on the opposite side of the States, am completely jealous of these people, but that's not the point of this post. The point of this post, as you can tell

Solo: A Star Wars Story- Spoilerless Movie Review

Last weekend, I watched "Solo: A Star Wars Story" (the Han Solo origin story) for my little brother Onur's birthday party together with our friends Ali and Burak. As with every other new Star Wars movie, I am going to write a review of it. So, without further ado, let's begin! Keep in mind, while this review refrains from mentioning any major spoilers that would ruin the movie for anyone watching it, it isn't entirely non-related to what happens in the movie. I will mention some basic plot details, as well as summarize the exposition of the story. So if you are the person who doesn't ever watch movie trailers and wants to go into a movie knowing almost nothing about it, then this isn't the review for you. Otherwise, feel free to keep reading this. Now, I will summarize the very beginning of the movie. Brief Plot Synopsis When the movie starts out, we see a young Han performing one of his first heist jobs on the streets of his home planet Correli