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TTHT Five-Year Blogversary: Answering your Q&A questions!

On exactly this day, August 28th, 2014 (which was half a decade ago), I created my first post on this Blogger blog. It wasn't my first blog post ever, despite its title. That sounds weird, but that's since This and That, Here and There didn't get its start on Blogger. I started blogging about half a year before that, on a platform called Squidoo. I was just a third-grader then, but clearly still loved writing about anything I was obsessed with. I didn't get many views, but that didn't matter to me at all (views still  don't really matter to me nowadays). I was heartbroken when I found out that summer that my blog would be lost forever. Squidoo was being bought by another company, HubPages (which I should've predicted when I saw the ads that suddenly appeared on all Squidoo blogs indicating that the company was in deep financial disdain). As a result, I was unable to continue to blog until I completed the transfer from my blog from Squidoo to HubPages.

I hosted another Q&A and Survey! [Survey Ended- No Longer Accepting Responses!]

NOTE: For all of those people still reading this post for some reason... I already answered questions. Go to this post instead: All submissions for this specific Q&A are closed. Sorry. But I'll host more in the future (probably one at 200K), so stay tuned! Hello, ogres! I know that the last few months, and even years, have been very strange for my blog. So I'm sure you've got plenty of questions about it all. But, a very important day is arriving in a few weeks: The five-year anniversary of my Blogger blog, on August 28! To commemorate and celebrate this landmark occasion, I'm going to do something I haven't done in two years, which is to host a Q&A form where you can ask me anything you want! You can ask me about blogging in general, the future of my blog, my personal goals and interests, or any other friendly question you'd like to ask. How do you ask me questions? Well,