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GOODBYE, Google Plus.

Now, this post is very different, and also probably unexpected. But, I am legitimately begging all that look at this not to click away due to the date that I published it. That "April Fool's" garbage is a mere coincidence this time. While last year, I had the time to create an awesome collab joke story for it, this time, having been so busy recently and not posting an entire month for the second time in a row, that isn't the case. This post is serious, solemn. I'd dare say emotional... For me, at least. Most kids my age wouldn't even blink at the mention of it. To them, the word "Google" means no more than that website that they get Fortnite V-Bucks generators and silly games to distract them in class from. Or, even worse, Google Classroom and hours of homework may have caused them to form a negative association with the term in their minds. But for me, my favorite tech company in the whole world (sorry Apple and Microsoft) brings up a variety