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NEW YEAR'S EVE! (2016-2017) + Today's special Google logo + Countdown

Today is New Year's Eve, and this is officially the last day ever of 2016! Less than 24 hours from now, it will be 2017! You can see today's special Google logo for it above. Several blue, red, yellow, and green balloons (the colors of the letters in the Google logo) are in a net. jumping up and down excitedly as they look at the clock. The clock is about to strike midnight, meaning that they are counting down until the New Year. Happy New Year's Eve to all! Of course, I will be watching the countdown on TV tonight. But if you are someone (like Xiang) who doesn't watch TV that often, then don't worry! Here is a link to a countdown that shows exactly how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left until the moment 2017 officially begins!: See you in 2017! BBBBYYYYEEEE!!!

All Days of the Google Santa Tracker for 2016 🎄🎅

Every year since a few years back, Google has made a Santa Tracker where you can track Santa Claus's flight during Christmas Eve. It also had games and other activities that would be released each day of December, sorta like an advent calendar. You can still play those games now, but they won't last forever. Eventually, they will be removed from the homepage forever until new games are released. So here are some links to each of the days so that way they can be accessed later on. You're welcome!

Winter Break 2016: Stratton, Vermont Mountain Resort- Skiing photos and resort review + My brand new GoPro Hero Plus

[I did not take the photo above. Image credit:] Hi, guys, this is Arca. For the past 5 days, I was in Vermont on a ski trip in Stratton. I was still able to make two posts while I was there. Those were the Star Wars: Rogue One movie review and also the Happy Holidays post. This post will be a review of the place and a summary of what we did there. Before we get into all of that, here are some photos that we took there: Above: All of us when we reached halfway up the mountain through the chair lift. There was a frozen waterfall that looked really cool. [From left to right: My dad, Onur, me, and my mom] Above: A selfie of all of us on a chair lift. [From left to right: My mom, me, Onur, my dad] Above: Me and Onur in front of a sign that was near the entrance of Stratton. [I am on the left, and he is at the right] Above: An animated GIF I created of a video of Onur skiing downhill. Resort Review This review will be brok

HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2016! + Google's Santa Tracker

Hello everyone! Today is Christmas Eve, but I don't celebrate Christmas. I wish you all Happy Holidays, no matter what it is you celebrate! Above you can see today's holiday themed logo. Just as every other year, Google has a Santa Tracker! It tells you Santa Claus's current location on his sleigh journey, how much time left until he reaches your house, and shows a live feed. Plus, it has plenty of fun games to play! Here it is: Here is my last year's post about the tracker, with links to specific games on it: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you next time! Byyyyeeee!!!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- Movie Review! [SOME SMALL SPOILERS AHEAD]

For my 12th birthday party, me and several other people that I know watched the brand new Star Wars movie Rogue One . It takes place between episodes 3 and 4, right before A New Hope (the first ever made movie). My actual birthday was on December 12th. The movie came out that following Friday (the 16th) but we watched it the day after. I think it was awesome and will now do a movie review about it! By the way, my friend Xiang (you may know him as the creator of the blog Past, Now, Future ) also watched the movie with me, and he made a review about it as well. BEWARE: His post has major movie spoilers, so don't read it if you don't want to have the movie spoiled for you. Here it is: Here is a trailer for the movie: Rating: 4.7 out of  5 Stars I rate it 4.7 out of 5 stars because I do not consider it to be as good as The Force Awakens , which I rated as 4.8 out of 5 stars. The actions scenes,


Above: What I saw on the Google homepage today. Apparently, Google changes their logo on users birthdays, but only the user can see it when they are logged in. Today is my 12th birthday! It is a pretty cool coincidence that I am turning 12 on the date 12/12. (It would be cooler if it was 12/12/12 in 2012, though, but that's when I turned 7.) To celebrate, I will have a party this Saturday to watch the new movie Star Wars: Rogue One the second day it comes out. Expect to see a movie review on that movie this weekend.  Last year, when it was my 11th birthday, I made a post full of Star Wars birthday-related memes, and it somehow became the 2nd most popular post on my blog with over 800 views on that one single post. (Here is that post: ) I guess I can only hope that this post will be as popular! So, without further ado, some birthday memes! Yay! One with Grum