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NEW YEAR'S EVE! (2016-2017) + Today's special Google logo + Countdown

Today is New Year's Eve, and this is officially the last day ever of 2016! Less than 24 hours from now, it will be 2017! You can see today's special Google logo for it above. Several blue, red, yellow, and green balloons (the colors of the letters in the Google logo) are in a net. jumping up and down excitedly as they look at the clock. The clock is about to strike midnight, meaning that they are counting down until the New Year.

Happy New Year's Eve to all!

Of course, I will be watching the countdown on TV tonight. But if you are someone (like Xiang) who doesn't watch TV that often, then don't worry! Here is a link to a countdown that shows exactly how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left until the moment 2017 officially begins!:

See you in 2017! BBBBYYYYEEEE!!!