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Above: What I saw on the Google homepage today. Apparently, Google changes their logo on users birthdays, but only the user can see it when they are logged in.

Today is my 12th birthday! It is a pretty cool coincidence that I am turning 12 on the date 12/12. (It would be cooler if it was 12/12/12 in 2012, though, but that's when I turned 7.) To celebrate, I will have a party this Saturday to watch the new movie Star Wars: Rogue One the second day it comes out. Expect to see a movie review on that movie this weekend. 

Last year, when it was my 11th birthday, I made a post full of Star Wars birthday-related memes, and it somehow became the 2nd most popular post on my blog with over 800 views on that one single post. (Here is that post: I guess I can only hope that this post will be as popular! So, without further ado, some birthday memes!

Yay! One with Grumpy Cat:


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Here is my previous post, about Thanksgiving of this year:

See you next time! BBBBYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!