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All Days of the Google Santa Tracker for 2016 🎄🎅

Every year since a few years back, Google has made a Santa Tracker where you can track Santa Claus's flight during Christmas Eve. It also had games and other activities that would be released each day of December, sorta like an advent calendar. You can still play those games now, but they won't last forever. Eventually, they will be removed from the homepage forever until new games are released. So here are some links to each of the days so that way they can be accessed later on. You're welcome!
Any of them with a star * next to them means that they are one of my favorites.

 * Day 3- Learn Translations:

Day 9- Season of Giving Coloring Learn:

Day 10- Explore the Mission Command Centre:

 * Day 11- Gumball Tilt Game:
* Day 12- Elf Jam Band Game:

* Day 14- Gift Slingshot Game:

* Day 15- Reindeer Runner Game:

 * Day 16- Elf Jetpack Game:

 * Day 18- Explore Mrs. Claus' Briefing:

*Day 21- Reindeer Racer Game:

[This one is glitchy and doesn't work sometimes] Day 22- Memory Match:

 * Day 23- Santa's Liftoff Video:

Day 24 would have the actual Santa Tracker if you were on the website that day.\

Other things that it had:

Learn About Holiday Traditions:

* Explore the North Pole Airport:


Phew! That was a lot to type. See you next time! BBYYYYYYYYEEE!!!