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R.I.P. XIANG'S BLOG (2015-2017)

Remember Xiang? The guy who I made the chicken petition for back in September of 2016? As some of you may know, he had started a blog back in November 2015. His original intention was to compete against my blog. He got pretty close at some point, but he got stuck after 10 thousand views. Soon after, I am near 48 thousand views and he has only gained an addition 3 thousand views from his last goal.  Today he made a post (here it is: ), which is not just any old post--it's his last. All the post said was "yep", sadly enough. After over a year, who simply decide to quit? And all you say is "yep" and name the post "RIP BLOG"? And oh yeah, I forgot to mention this much earlier, but seeing as our petition had failed (with 300 supporters), and his chickens had been taken to a farm, they are probably literally dead by now. Those  farmers  probably fed the chickens for a month, then sent him to KFC or