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Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 10 "The Phantom Apprentice" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm; via Star Wars News Net The third-to-last episode of The Clone Wars , ever, released yesterday. I watched it, and today I will be doing a review of it. Titled "The Phantom Apprentice", it is the second part out of four episodes of the final arc about the Siege of Mandalore that actually take place overlapping the events of the film Episode III: Revenge of the Sith . As a recap of the previous episode, which was titled "Old Friends Not Forgotten" (spoilers for the episode that is before the one I'm reviewing, by the way, by the way), Anakin and Obi-Wan had to go run off to save the Emperor---I mean, *cough cough* Chancellor-- from his Sith co-conspirator--- I mean, Separatist captor---Count Dooku. This, as we know, happens during the movie Revenge of the Sith , and that particular moment ends with someone being decapitated and a particular Chosen One getting even closer to falling to the Dark Side. Meanwhile, what were belove

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 9 "Old Friends Not Forgotten" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm (Okay, so this is where it gets really good.) Hey guys, this is Arca, and today I will be reviewing the first episode of the final arc in the entire series of  The Clone Wars , or Season 7 Episode 9, entitled "Old Friends Not Forgotten". Based on that title, you guessed it, Ahsoka and Anakin finale meet back up as we saw in the surprise reveal trailer for Season 7 (which we were told was cancelled) two years ago. For the first time in this entire season (and possibly the series, but I haven't watched every single episode so I can't be sure), the creators of the show decided to treat an arc like a cinematic film. This is proven by the interesting opening (you'll see it for yourself), as well as the grand themes and events that it covers. No more "small world" stuff. This episode takes place directly during the events of the freaking film  Revenge of the Sith ! If that's "filler" to you, then I don

All 4 Days of my 2018 Dominican Republic Vlog Videos featuring Ege!

Embedded above is a video player that automatically will play a playlist with all four videos in chronological order documenting the five days I spent in Dominican Republic (half of which was spent with my pal Ege) two years ago, or you can see it at this link: I just uploaded part 4, the final day of this vlog series, and you can watch it below or at this link if playback won't work for you on this post: This is the final video of my Dominican Republic vacation from 2 years ago. It turns out that I had approximately a minute of footage featuring my pal Ege left. Enjoy more HD footage of the Caribbean Sea as well as our day trip to the scenic Altos de Chavón and a short visit to Bayahibe to mark the end of an awesome vacation! Enjoy, and stay safe, everyone! :) This is Arca, signing off for now. Have a good one.

Dominican Republic (feat. Ege) PART 3 Vlog- The Oha Finale!

If video playback above doesn't work for you, go here: Hey guys, this is Arca. In the last vlog featuring Ege (part 3 out of probably 4) of my Dominican Republic vacation from 2 years ago, we do a little bit of everything; kayaking, enjoying the Caribbean Sea, and hanging out at the pool! Enjoy, and stay safe, everyone! :) Here's a playlist full of all the parts of this vlog series in order thus far, which will be updated once the final video, Part 4, is uploaded (most likely tomorrow): This is Arca, signing off for now. If you liked this vlog, be sure to like and subscribe, and maybe share it with a friend bored during the quarantine who would like to see some fun-to-watch footage of a very scenic place that most people won't be able to go to anytime soon. Have a good one!

Dominican Republic (feat. Ege) PART 2 Vlog- Kayaking, Belly Flopping...

In part 2 of this blogging series featuring never-before-seen vacation footage from 2 years ago with “Oha Dude” Ege (subscribe to his channel “onefluentmotion”), we wrap things up for Day 1 of 2 with Ege by kayaking and more! Featuring humorous events as usual. Part 3 will be probably coming tomorrow, but if you’ve liked this series so far, be sure to like, subscribe, and share with a friend! Stay safe and well, everyone! :) If you haven't already, also check out Part 1 of this vlog series!: This is Arca, signing off for now. Have a good one.

Dominican Republic (feat. Ege) Vlog PART 1- The Great Splash War of ‘18!

If playback doesn't work for you above, go here: My vlogging barrage, continued! This is another “long lost” vlog of a spring break of years last, this time from 2 years ago(!) when Ege “Oha Dude” (please subscribe to his channel, “onefluentmotion”!) and us went to Dominican Republic in a beach resort together! I had 3 times the amount of footage I was expecting, so I dedicated an entire part 1 video (out of originally 2, but now it’s presumably like 8 lol) to us having a water splashing tournament... on just the start of Day 1! 😮 Enjoy, and stay safe. :) Part 2 will hopefully be made in the next day or two. Also check out The AABO Show, where today I am finally posting the birthday vlog for Ali/Burak that we recorded last month!: It turns out that I don't have any Acadia National Park Footage that I can find. :/ So instead, once this massive amount of footage is done being edited (I somewhat doubt I'll be ab

The MISSING Cancun Day 5 (Isla Mujeres, MX) Vlog!

If video playback above doesn't work for you, watch this vlog here!: This vlog is 3 years late. It was the continuation of the much-viewed Cancun blog series on The AABO Show, but on Day 5, when Arca (me) and Onur we’re exploring Isla Mujeres and Ali and Burak has already left. But now, with hours available of free time due to the quarantine, and a brand new editing software to boot, I have finally edited together Day 5 of Cancun (the TRUE missing “final day”) for you all to enjoy on my own channel, since it can’t qualify as an AABO Show video! Enjoy, and stay safe, everyone! To see the complete playlist of all the days of my Cancun, Mexico trip (Days 1-4 featuring Ali and Burak, and Day 5 without them), go here!: Be sure to check out my official YouTube channel, the new and permanent home of all non-AABO Show videos and vlogs that I will make!:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 8 "Together Again" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney Hey guys, this is Arca, and today I will be reviewing the new episode of The Clone Wars that released this morning, titled "Together Again". My spring break started today for me, so I won't have virtual schoolwork to do for a while and will be free (while still in-quarantine). In an alternate universe, I would have been on a cruise around China and other Asian countries with my cousins right now. In another alternate universe, I would be doing that exact trip alone, without  my cousins. In yet another universe, we would have flown to and arrived in Madrid, instead, today. But alas, the universe I'm in is the one where I'm stuck indoors all spring break but get to watch new Clone Wars final season episodes the morning of their day of release! So I'm going to continue reviewing this entire season, episode-by-episode (or, if I miss a week, I might do multiple episodes or an arc at a time), until it's finished! We only have

Sony just revealed the PS5 Controller and ExcusemewaitWHAT?

Image Credit: Sony from the official PlayStation Blog US You are not looking at a concept art design. You are not looking at fanart. That is literally a Sony-made render of the final design for the controller that will ship with their new console, the PlayStation 5, when it hits store shelves this winter (but still could be delayed, and so could Microsoft's Xbox Series X). This is probably the most surprising and out-of-left-field controller reveal that I've ever gotten to experience, ever. The only things similar were when I found out about the Nintendo Switch reveal a few days late and it didn't look that different from a Wii U gamepad, or when I saw the Xbox Series X controller and console get revealed live during a YouTube livestream of the Game Awards 2019 (which was on the day of my 15th birthday), and while the console itself was very tall and PC-like, the controller wasn't particularly radically different in terms of aesthetics. But oh boy, we've go

Pixar's "Onward" Movie Review (spoiler-free)

Image credit: Disney/Pixar Hello, everyone. This is Arca, and this will be a review of the brand new animated film from Pixar, Onward . It only released in theaters a month ago, yet due to the virus, was put on Disney+ streaming last Friday. That would be probably 7-8 months ahead of schedule had the virus not happened. So I watched it with Onur and my mom late at night on Friday after seeing that it had appeared free to stream on Disney+. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts. The basis of the movie is that it takes place in a fantasy-esque world that has moved on from magic and evolved into a more "modern" world, with cars, smartphones, and convenience stores. This is a pretty funny idea that allows many clever and legitimately laugh-out-loud jokes and gags to be used all throughout the movie. I know this is probably a controversial opinion, but I actually like the setup inherently better than that of the Disney Animation Studios film Zootopia (no, it's not a P

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 7 "Dangerous Debt" Review (spoiler-free)

Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney via /FILM Hello, this is Arca. I hope you are all safe and healthy and well. I will be reviewing Episode 6, titled "Dangerous Debt", of the final season of The Clone Wars , which released yesterday. This episode continues after (spoiler alert for the previous episode), Ahsoka and the Martez sisters' attempt to complete a job to bring spice to the Pyke crime syndicate from the planet of Kessel (complete with the same aliens from Solo: A Star Wars Story !) completely fails and they are thrown into captivity and forced to answer to a crime boss. Obviously, they will try everything they can to escape and get themselves out of their mess, and a bit of character development will happen along the way. So, what did I think of it? I think it was almost identical in quality to the previous episode, mostly. There are still real moments of suspense and intrigue, and the backstory of the Martez sisters actually becomes quite a bit more interesti

Nintendo Heavily Rumored to be Releasing EVERY 3D MARIO GAME EVER on the Switch!

Image Credit: Nintendo   Hello, everyone, this is Arca. You may be surprised to see me writing this here, especially after my post yesterday, on the 1st of April , about quitting using Blogger, among numerous other things. Well, I tried using Hubpages for two seconds before I gave up because of how needlessly complicated it is. Yes, that entire post was obviously an April Fools' joke right down to the loud blasted musical callback to my super-old YouTube videos in the video I made for it, and the HTML of the post literally being visible within the post itself. But all jokes aside, I kid you not, go ahead and go to Hubpages for a second. Try making a blog in just 30 seconds without being confused as to all the random fields to fill out and requirements to meet before I could even publish a single post saying "Hello world"! No wonder they had a tutorial button at the start, yeesh. Anyways, on to the news: If you've been following Nintendo News websites or YouTub


This is Arca. As of today, I will be making several key changes to this blog. Watch the video above at 3:00 AM on Wednesday (this post is scheduled to publish itself at midnight) to learn the details. But whatever you do, don't use fidget spinners at 3 AM!!!!<br /> <br /> To summarize:<br /> <br /> <ol> <li>I will leave this blog, likely for good.</li> <li>I will switch (likely permanently) to using Hubpages, which is the company that acquired Squidoo, my third-grade blog platform.</li> <li>Xiang will be free to do whatever he wants on this blog.</li> <li>The AABO Show is cancelled.</li> <li>Taner Baran is now my primary YouTube channel. I am quitting using Arca Baran.&nbsp;</li> <li>If you're wondering about that epic music in the background, its name is Darude Sandstorm. You're welcome.</li> </ol> <div> &l

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