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Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 7 "Dangerous Debt" Review (spoiler-free)

Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney via /FILM

Hello, this is Arca. I hope you are all safe and healthy and well. I will be reviewing Episode 6, titled "Dangerous Debt", of the final season of The Clone Wars, which released yesterday.

This episode continues after (spoiler alert for the previous episode), Ahsoka and the Martez sisters' attempt to complete a job to bring spice to the Pyke crime syndicate from the planet of Kessel (complete with the same aliens from Solo: A Star Wars Story!) completely fails and they are thrown into captivity and forced to answer to a crime boss. Obviously, they will try everything they can to escape and get themselves out of their mess, and a bit of character development will happen along the way.

So, what did I think of it? I think it was almost identical in quality to the previous episode, mostly. There are still real moments of suspense and intrigue, and the backstory of the Martez sisters actually becomes quite a bit more interesting and emotionally involved for Ahsoka. It gives the audience more of a reason to care, and also leans very heavily into the themes of "what the average person in the galaxy thinks of the Jedi" during this point in galactic history, a very pivotal one.

It's still Clone Wars quality, all right, and even ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, which I didn't expect going in (some might see it as an anticlimax, though, but no spoilers for that here). There is one big lore detail/cameo that fans will probably go nuts for (my Clone Wars fanatic little brother Onur immediately freaked out a bit), so I also give them props for that. It will probably pay out pretty soon, seeing as we still have five more episodes to go.

What were the best parts of the episode? Still seeing Ahsoka's views on morality conflict with that of the sisters, even if we did get a lot of that last time, some of the minute world-building, and just the general Clone Wars charm and feel. It's not mind-blowing, by any means (that will probably happen during the last few episodes and their likely, simultaneous Order 66/Siege of Mandalore plot), but it is a good episode. I'd recommend you watch it soon if you care about the series and have been following it thus far, assuming that you've already seen the previous episodes in the season (particularly the two episodes before this), of course. If I were to slap a score on it based on my gut instinct, I'd give it a 85 out of 100. I have spoken.

 What did you guys think of the episode? Leave it in the comments below. See you guys tomorrow, when I'll likely work on (and possibly publish) a review of the newest Pixar movie, Onward, which I watched when it came to Disney+ for the first time yesterday. It was very good in surprising ways (even though I expected it to be very good), and actually managed to make Onur emotional when we watched it with my half-asleep mom last night. It's only been a month since the film released in theaters, but this is the world we live in right now. This is Arca, signing off. Have a good one.


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