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New Year's Eve 2015- COUNTDOWN TO 2016! + How to add one to your own blog

Above: Today's Google logo. Today is New Year's Eve! It is a very exciting day and many people are counting down to the new year 2016! I have added a 2016 countdown below my views counter, and there you can see how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left until the new year. ____________________________________________________________________________ If you want to add one to your own blog: 1. Go to your blog address. 2. Make sure you are signed in. Go to your homepage, and at the top, click on "Design". 3. On the left side, look for "Layout", and click on it.  4. Click on "Add a Gadget" where you want to put it. 5. Click on "HTML/Javascript".  Copy+paste this code into the lower box: <style>#TimerDiv{background: #f6f6f6 url(

Google's Live Santa Tracker!!! (2015)

Santa Claus has left the North pole and you can track him! Google has a Santa tracker that uses technology similar to Google maps and directions. You can see how much time and distance is left until he reaches your location, where he is now,  and where he is about to go. It also shows you what he is doing, such as flying, getting presents ready or delivering them. It has some really catchy music, fun games to play and videos to watch while you wait. Have fun! Remember: You better be nice, you better not cry, you better check my blog daily... Then Santa Claus will give you... Santa Claus will give you... Great gifts! Here it is: Happy Holidays from This and That, Here and There! Arca Interesting Games: A  jetpack game: A game with coding: Another game with coding:

Happy Holidays! (of 2015)

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, or whatever you celebrate! ~Arca Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code- Episode 3: The Mission on Hoth

I have used to create an awesome Star Wars level that I think is the best, yet  most difficult one I have made so far. Here it is: In it you can control, R2-D2 with your arrow keys and command him to move around the snowy fields of the ice planet Hoth. You need to get him to all of the rebel pilots so he can deliver an important message. Just watch out for the probe droids! If you run into them, you lose. Once you have got to a rebel pilot, another probe droid will appear, so be careful to avoid them. They will chase you around. If you get a tataun, you will temporarily go a bit faster. Try to deliver the message to all of the pilots and still avoid the probe droids! Good luck! :) I hope you enjoyed playing this level I made and stay tuned for more posts. May the Force be with you... BBYYYEEEEE!!! Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code---Episode 2:WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LOOK DOWN!

I have made another Star Wars level using that I would like to share with you. Here it is:      Use your arrow keys to move R2-D2 around. You start out with only 3 stormtroopers, and in order to win you have to pass through all of them. Sounds easy, right? But there is a twist: Whenever you move down, two more stormtroopers appear! You must try to collect all of the stormtroopers while moving down as little as possible. If you move down, more stormtroopers will appear, and the game will go on forever. Can you complete this challenge that I coded? I hope you enjoy this game then be sure to stay tuned for more posts. May the Force be with you... BYYEEEEE!!!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Movie Review! [POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD]

Yesterday me and four of my friends watched the new Star Wars movie together. It was awesome! Of course, I will be writing a movie review about it.                                                         My Rating (Out of 5 Stars): I will be rating it 4.8 out of 5 stars. I still was disappointed a bit (for a reason that would be considered a spoiler) but overall the movie was amazing! Epic storyline, awesome technology, and exciting battles- that is what I usually expect from Star Wars. This particular movie goes above and beyond that, as it proved to be a truly amazing movie- I really enjoyed watching! Okay. If you haven't watched the movie yet I advise you to stay away from this part of my review. If you are scrolling down my blog, stop here immediately. Close you eyes, keep scrolling down for few seconds and then open them. If you are too far down by then, scroll up a bit, but stop when you see the beginning of my post before this. Thanks! ___________ HOUR OF CODE- Star Wars: Building a Galaxy of Code--- My own level!

Hello! This is Arca. Today is the release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens . To celebrate I will be sharing this awesome course on   for all to enjoy! is a website that aims to teach people basic skills of computer science. It started the Hour of Code . The Hour of Code aims to teach kids how to teach kids to program and use code to solve puzzles, play games, and even create them! We are doing the Hour of Code at my school. It is a very big event, and it has even broke a World Record! The website has courses on Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Frozen (<--- boring), Minecraft, and... STAR WARS!!!  It uses graphics from Disney Infinity. Here is the free online Star Wars course: I suggest using the drag-and-drop "Blocks" option, but if you like spending hours  coding only one level by typing, Javascript is fine.  Try completing the levels yourself. Trust me, they are really fun! Here are the vi

Star Wars Hasbro Remote Control BB-8- TOY REVIEW!

Hello, this is Arca. I got many things for my birthday this year! I will be reviewing one of them, and it is a Star Wars toy. Guess what it is? BB-8! BB-8 is the new droid from the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens . I got a remote control version of him. Not the app-enabled one by Sphero, but the cheaper, easier to control one by Hasbro. This item is a Target exclusive. When we went to the Target closest to us to get it, it was all out of stock. So we had to rush to another place to get one of the last few ones left on the shelves. It is a very fun toy that you can control that spins like a ball and the head stays on top! What it Comes With: BB-8 sphere part split in half and hollow Magnetic headpiece Motor (Batteries not included) Remote (Batteries not included) Instructions You have to put the batteries in the motor and remote, then put it in the dome and squeeze it close. If you drop the head on top, it will automatically align with the magnets nee


Hey, guess what? It's my 11th birthday! I am 11 now! My birthday is technically December 12, but I will be having my party December 13th. And since I love Star Wars, here are some Star Wars birthday memes to celebrate: Want to see more? Click here . So stay tuned for more future updates. For now, BBYYYEEEE!!!

Minecraft Pocket Edition- 0.13.0 Out Now for iOS! Download it today!

(Credit to image above goes to YouTuber EckoSoldier. Click here to see his channel.) The update is finally here! To see the list of features click here to see my post about it. Some of them include  redstone, rabbits, and more! Sorry about not posting in a while. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy this awesome update.