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Star Wars Hasbro Remote Control BB-8- TOY REVIEW!

Hello, this is Arca.
I got many things for my birthday this year!
I will be reviewing one of them, and it is a Star Wars toy.

Guess what it is? BB-8! BB-8 is the new droid from the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.
I got a remote control version of him. Not the app-enabled one by Sphero, but the cheaper, easier to control one by Hasbro.

This item is a Target exclusive. When we went to the Target closest to us to get it, it was all out of stock. So we had to rush to another place to get one of the last few ones left on the shelves.

It is a very fun toy that you can control that spins like a ball and the head stays on top!

What it Comes With:

  • BB-8 sphere part split in half and hollow

  • Magnetic headpiece
  • Motor (Batteries not included)
  • Remote (Batteries not included)
  • Instructions

You have to put the batteries in the motor and remote, then put it in the dome and squeeze it close. If you drop the head on top, it will automatically align with the magnets needed, and stick to the body.

The remote has two buttons that tilt both ways when applied pressure. One is for moving forward and backward. The other is for tilting the head, or moving 360ยบ. Wherever the head is pointing, it will go.

While going on hard floors, it seems to be more wobbly. However, on carpets, it is a lot more efficient.
There is an infa-red light that must be facing the toy at all times for it to move. Also, unlike the Sphero version, this one has a more limited range, so you must be standing closer to it for it to work.

To turn it on, shake it. To turn it off, hold upside down (the head must be facing down) for 2 seconds and wait for the sounds to stop. 

Unlike the Sphero version, which makes noises through your phone, this one makes noises through the toy itself. 

But if you are into high-tech stuff, get the Sphero. If you are a kid who wants a fun Star Wars toy for the holidays, get this one.

My Rating

It is very fun to play with, and I don't even need my phone to control it! I enjoy watching BB-8 explore my house with me, and it highly resembles the real BB-8 from the movie. The only problem I had with it was that it would sometimes randomly turn off in the middle of driving. And it did this even though it had batteries in it! As a solution to this problem, I took the batteries out and put them in again. It hasn't happened in a while, and I continue to enjoy the robot. So I give it a rating of  4.5 four-and-a-half) stars.


I hoped you enjoyed this toy review!

Tomorrow. my friends and I are going to watch the new Star Wars movie the first day it comes out. I will make a movie review about that, so stay tuned. 

May the Force be with you... BYYYYEEEEE!!!