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Why You Shouldn't Carry Your iPhone in Your Pocket, and Put Your iPad in a Bag Full of Clothes

My dad always carried his iPhone 5 in his pocket. One day, when he tried to charge it, it wouldn't have the icon that usually appears on the top-right of your screen telling you that it is charging. Now, he looked it up at Apple customer support, and the reason is that lint is building up in the charging hole. You know that hole where you put the charger in? All the small little pieces in your pocket get clogged up in it, so your charger cannot be recognized by your phone.  Of course, this mostly applies to men, as they carry their phones in their pockets, while women usually put it in a purse. Now, lint clogging may not only lead to not being able to charge, but also slow charging. I think this is the reason my little brother's iPad 3 charges so slow. We brought it with us everywhere. But on the other hand, we put it in a bag. A bag full of extra clothes. Which may cause lint-buildup. Note to self: Remind mom not to carry the electronics in the sam

Space and Exploration- BREAKING NEWS!---NASA Officially Found Water On Mars!!! + Quick Message About My Plan For Upcoming Posts

    See the image above? According to scientists, this is evidence of flowing water on the surface of the Red Planet. That makes the chances much higher than before of life on Mars. Those long streaks are supposed to be actual flowing water in present day. Wow! It is believed that Mars used to have rivers, and even oceans on it a long time ago. But there is still some left. This is very exciting for everyone. Why? Because this means that there is a good chance of life on Mars! Here is today's Google logo about it: Don't believe me?; _________________________________________________ OK, now that I am done telling you the news I want to talk about other stuff. My views have been dropping dramatically due to me not making blog posts this past wee

BREAKING NEWS: Angry Birds Movie Trailer Out Now!

                   The trailer is out! I really enjoy the choice of background music, its Michael Jackson!  To learn more about the movie in a separate post: I am SO hyped! Are you? That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned for future posts. If you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my archive to see my older posts, so they don't become forgotten! I try to make 1-3 posts every day, and if you follow this blog you will see them daily on the bottom of your blogger dashboard. Thank you for reading, and I will see you all later. BUH-BBYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Check my other blog, the Right-Brain View- Check out the blog me and Young are working on together: A blog dedicated to cats:

Happy Eid! + New Favicon + Sorry for Not Posting

Happy Eid to everyone who celebrates it!  Today I took a day off from school, even though in New Jersey schools don't normally close on Eid (yet). They have been doing it in New York, and hopefully it will start spreading to where I live, so I don't get homework on this holiday, which is annoying. But I had a lot of fun, and used up more than $90 on Star Wars stuff! I got $60 left, and am thinking of getting a life size figure. More on that in another post, possibly tomorrow or the day after. In that post I will discuss and show you pictures of my huge Star Wars stash I got from Toys'R'Us. That  basically $100 was worth it! Woo-hoo! I also got a new favicon! Sorry for not posting, it is sad to see the views chart literally touch the ground. Here is what it looks like now: As you can see at the end it drastically goes down. That is now. It is showing the last 1-2 weeks. I promise to keep on uploading as much as I can. Lastly, check out this GIF

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Coming This Fall on Disney XD! CAPTAIN REX AND THE CLONETOOPERS RETURN?!? Ahsoka + Darth Vader

                   Star Wars Rebels has so far been way less popular than the Clone Wars . The Clone Wars was the first animated series about Star Wars ever made. It aired on Cartoon Network, and ended in 2014. Star Wars Rebels came later that year, and got a extremely low 500,000 viewers only in its 3rd episode. Season 2 will make up for this disappointment. At the end of the first season, Fulcrum is revealed to be Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars, Anakin's former apprentice. The Inquisitor is defeated and Darth Vader takes his place. Many other beloved characters will return. These include Captain Rex, a few other clonetroopers, and more! And maybe even Bariss Offee (unconfirmed)... Of course comes Captain Rex. The question is, how did he survive for that period of time? Now that the original Inquisitor is defeated, Darth Vader will hire three more, this time, with an identity of actual characters. There are rumors of one of them being Bariss Offee, but I wouldn'

Quick Message- September 2015

Sorry for not making posts for half a week. I said 2-3 but I will usually do 1-2.  With school I am busy, but now that I am not, I will try to make as many posts as possible. Thanks for your patience! I will continue the Star Wars theme for a few months, but still write about non-Star Wars topics too.

New Star Wars Emojis

Along with the official Star Wars app there is also new Star Wars emojis. There are several adorable and fun emojis to use in your texts and emails. Here is all 52 of them: Disney assigned artist Truck Torrence to design and create these emojis, and he added in a few of his own, most notably Anakin's face under the Darth Vader mask. He was discovered in a Star Wars art gallery. People loved his work so much that Lucasfilm was told about it. They asked him if he'd we interested on a secret project for the biggest film of the year. He obviously said yes to the offer, and got to work! He knew most of the characters already by heart, but he had references just in case. Creating them sometimes took minute, or even hours depending on how complicated it was. Here is an example of the process of creating a single emoji: The plan was originally to let people tweet with these exclusively at Star Wars Celebration 2015.  Those were C-3PO, BB-8, and the new Force Awak

Star Wars R2-D2 Airplane by Japanese Airline ANA

Above is a Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 that looks like R2-D2 for a Star Wars convention in California. It is the world's first commercial plane to be painted to look like a Star Wars character. It will be flying to destinations all around the world from Japan and back. It is the first of three planes to be dressed to celebrate the release of the highly-anticipated new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens . The other planes are BB-8, the new droid from the movie, and another BB-8 one with a BB-8 printing on its sides.. Shown below is the front of the BB-8 plane. Inside the R2-D2 one, there are R2-D2 themed headrests, napkins, etc. The airline also broadcasts all six of the currently released Star Wars movies, so you can watch them to your pleasing. If you are a Star Wars fan, you would love to be on this plane, whether to want to go somewhere or just to enjoy the plane itself. That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subs

Blog Upgrade 3.0! - New Star Wars Theme for my Blog + 1-3 Posts a Day

To celebrate the new Star Wars movie, the Force Awakens which is coming out at the end of the year, I have made some some major changes to how my blog looks. My logo looks like it is from Star Wars, I have a spacey background, and my cursor is galaxy-blue. I got my new logo from . I  love Star Wars, and I am so hyped for the new movie! To make you also hyped, I have done blog upgrade 3.0.0! I will have 2-3 posts a day, so we can get that view chart soaring in no time. I will make a lot of Star Wars related posts, but for anyone who does not like Star Wars, I will also try to make other types of posts too. I really hope to reach 10,000 views in the upcoming year or so, considering that it only took a year to reach 5,000, so it might be even quicker because of my more frequent posts! OUTDATED INFO: [I have changed my favicon to a stormtrooper helmet !!] This is Arca form the future. I have now changed it to BB-8! Also, I have a new user icon :)

All of My YouTube Subscriptions Are Gone?!?

Hi, this is Arca. Just so you know, I completely put together the image below step-by-step. I had to put each image you see there together to form that masterpiece. I came home from school today, excited for the weekend, when I discovered that all of my YouTube subscriptions were gone! I checked everywhere, still nothing, Kinda annoying. What will I do to get them back? Look through all of my liked videos, and subscribe to the channels they are made by that I have subscribed to. Easier said than done, since I have about 300 liked videos! You know what they say: technology is always great until it messes up! Has something like this ever happened to you?

BREAKING NEWS: Angry Birds Movie Trailer to be Released Next Week + LEGO Angry Birds Confirmed

There will be an Angry Birds movie Summer 2016. It will be in theaters May 26, 2015.  A few plot points and new pictures have been revealed. It will be an origin story as to why the birds are so angry. I will not discuss it too much here, you can watch the IGN video below. The movie will feature a huge cast mostly of hilarious comedians, so I can expect the movie to be very funny! Here is the cast: The following image gives you a peek at the birds. According to the interview video above,  Red will be one of the few birds who are angry. He will meet the rest of the gang in anger management lessons. No, I'm not making this up. This movie looks hilarious so far! The scene depicted is when the birds first meet animals from the outside world- the pigs.  At first they get along with the pigs. They even have a party. But Red is suspicious of the pigs.  The rest of a movie is basically an adventure movie with the main characters as Red, Chuck, and Bomb. Bom

ULTRA MEGA BREAKING NEWS: Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 1- The Order of the Stone, Out October 13!

NOTE: Yes, I know I released a whole bunch of posts at the same time. I wanted to get them out of the way for now, since I have school. Also, they are all really cool, and I couldn't wait to share them with you! Enjoy! The highly-talked-about new game, Minecraft: Story Mode will have its first episode, titled "the Order of the Stone", out October 13, 2015. I'm so excited! It will be available for Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices. PlayStation Vita and Wii U editions are also in development, but those will be released a bit later on. A cool thing about the game is that you will be able to choose what you want the main character, named "Jessie", to look like, regardless of look, gender, or age. Since Jessie is a boy and a girl name, you can choose any look regardless. The options are shown below: I am so excited to get to play on iOS and PC, the two platforms that I have! That is all for this

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