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Why You Shouldn't Carry Your iPhone in Your Pocket, and Put Your iPad in a Bag Full of Clothes

My dad always carried his iPhone 5 in his pocket. One day, when he tried to charge it, it wouldn't have the icon that usually appears on the top-right of your screen telling you that it is charging.

Now, he looked it up at Apple customer support, and the reason is that lint is building up in the charging hole. You know that hole where you put the charger in? All the small little pieces in your pocket get clogged up in it, so your charger cannot be recognized by your phone. 

Of course, this mostly applies to men, as they carry their phones in their pockets, while women usually put it in a purse.

Now, lint clogging may not only lead to not being able to charge, but also slow charging. I think this is the reason my little brother's iPad 3 charges so slow. We brought it with us everywhere. But on the other hand, we put it in a bag. A bag full of extra clothes. Which may cause lint-buildup. Note to self: Remind mom not to carry the electronics in the same bag all the clothes are.

(The picture below is me holding the iPad 3)

So know you know how to take better care of your electronics.

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