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Gravity Falls: "The Last Mabelcorn" Trailer! BILL CIPHER RETURNS! Watch it September 7 8:30 PM on Disney XD

                             Season 2 Episode 15 will be called "The Last Mabelcorn". It obviously will have a unicorn. But that's not all... As revealed by the trailer, Bill Cipher will return, Ford will show Dipper his private study, and of course, Mabel does what she has always wanted to do: Save a unicorn.
                                                       Here is the full trailer:

I will show you some images.

Credit to the upcoming cover goes to YouTuber Vailskibum94. His channel:

Well I can't wait to watch it Monday, September 7, 8:30 PM on Disney XD! It is also the day before my first day of school. What a coincidence!

Also, while you are at it, check out this funny Gravity Falls GIF I found! Yes, Stan, that was you. 
You can't deny it. You can wear your fez now.

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